Anheuser-Busch Taking a Stab at the Microbrews with Zip-Code Branded Beer Series, Project 12

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In the never ending quest for a solution to the marketing riddle that AB attempts to solve every summer and super bowl, they've launched a series of microbrews created by the brewmasters in their own breweries. This series of beer will be unique to each city/brewmaster but will still have to taste bland and watery like the majority of AB's offerings: "Our objective is to allow our brewmasters to show some creativity, but the beers must fit the hallmarks the Budweiser brand is respected for, such as quality and consistency, and have a very crisp and clean taste," Jane Killebrew-Galeski, director of brewing, quality and innovation for Anheuser-Busch, the U.S. subsidiary of AB InBev, said in a statement."

The winner of the brew will be crowned at a first annual two-day music festival in Philly led by Jay-Z and titled "Budwesier Made in America". If you thought music festivals were already too heavily branded, wait until you go to a festival owned by a brand.

Read the whole story over at AdAge.


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