Moh. Visuals (@MohVisuals) Launches New Site

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We always love when a local creative company that we've never heard of before sends in a submission - it makes the local community feel even more established and talent-filled. Enter Moh. Visuals, a 3D Visualization & Design company that has been around since 2005.

We've officially launched our new website. It's been a lot of extra-long hours focusing the content into a message that defines us. We wanted the imagery to speak for itself and convey what we do best: creating award winning, visually resonating, "Our Client Was Blown Away" 3D renderings, animation and design

Moh. is clearly trying to corner whatever 3D market there is here in St. Louis by identifying each individual industry they can help out with support from an extensive portfolio highlighting all of the niches that support 3D Design. Sometimes this inundation of work can be overwhelming to a potential client but it might work to their (business development) advantage in straightforward show & tell instead of having to answer the "Can you do this?" type requests. Maybe less is not always moh…

Shut up - it's been weeks since our last awful pun.


Thanks for the post and helping get the word out.

We would love to answer any questions that people may have about what we do.

Nice new digs, Steve!

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