Bruton Stroube Wins For Best Creative Holiday Card

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As we pointed out yesterday, it's our feeling that the best thing you can do as a creative agency during the holidays is something that has a humanitarian bent. But if you're not ready for dealing with the logistics and politics that are associated with an endeavor like that, the second best thing is to wow us with your creativity and talent.

Luckily, Bruton Stroube decided to step up to the plate and do exactly that; for the second year in a row.

We don't want to spoil the effect with any more screenshots. Just go to the site, reject your technological snobbery with the request to use flash and an interactive 360 degree photo and see how real genius and humor can shine thru with any medium. Also, scroll to the right for the intended effect.

Watch Bruton Stroube's Holiday Party go from innocent to hilariously immoral in seconds.*

*Noted in their blog post was that the card this year was inspired by a project they just completed (but can't show yet) for their friends at The Alchemedia Project.


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