• Essential Video Production Gear for Filmmakers

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    Here's a fairly comprehensive list of what video gear to shove in your bag next time you're heading out the door on a shoot. It's always interesting to see what other people suggest carrying.

    Links to all the gear:
    Travel Storage Bags
    C47 Clips
    Spring Clamps
    Gaffers Tape
    Long BlueRigger HDMI Cables
    Cable Bag
    Super Thin HDMI Cables
    Power Squid Splitter
    Extension Cables
    Cable Ties 
    (Cheaper Black Ties)
    Allen Keys
    Field Notes and Moleskine Notebooks


  • The Blind Photographer

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    Brenden Borrellini was born completely deaf and with limited sight that developed into complete blindness. Unstoppable as an inquisitive human force, after showing Brenden the buttons on a camera he very quickly took the initiative and started taking pictures. The issue? How could Brendan be afforded the chance to "see" his photos?

    Steve Mayer-Miller, Artistic Director for Crossroad Arts — an organization that develops opportunities for people with a disability to access and participate in the arts — wanted to give Brenden feedback on the shots he was taking. So he researched and found devices that would enable a two-dimensional photograph to become a three-dimensional photograph so that Brendan could be able to interpret the textures in the photograph. Wonderful human achievement on a number of levels.


  • Costume Showcase for @WeissmanDance - @HalskiStudio

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    Our new video for Weissman Designs for Dance was shot at the Fox Theatre and edited at Halski Studio. The video is a showcase of the St. Louis-based dance wear designer's 2015 costume collection. The 3 day shoot at the Fox was a two-camera production with Blaine Deutsch operating the second camera. In addition to the showcase video, the project includes six thirty second promo videos each highlighting a different style of dance, as well as an eight minute video used at events. The showcase video will be used online and at events.

  • Now Hiring Locally: Copywriter - @NewHonorSociety

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    • Work directly with art directors to concept ideas together
    • Present said ideas internally – and eventually to clients
    • Contribute to ideation process and bring unique ideas to the table
    • Work strategically to meet client objectives
    • Ensure quality control through copy editing
    • Write everything from headlines and body copy to concept white papers and creative rationale

    See the full details

    Please Note: You must become a member to see jobs posted within the last three days.
    *Note to Agencies: The 'find a job' link is the most clicked-on area of our site by readers.*

  • Call for Artists: The Dot Show - @STLDesignWeek Deadline Extended to July 30th

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    Inspired by the 250th anniversary of our city, The Dot Show calls for artists, designers, and illustrators to create a representation of a St. Louis city spot of their choice, using a 7-inch wood dot (supplied by AIGA St. Louis) as their canvas.

    Participants will donate their work for a silent auction to benefit the AIGA Student Conference, Scholarship, and Mentor Match Program.

    Pay tribute to the uniqueness of your neighborhood, coffee shop or studio couch. Share with the world the place where you find inspiration. Feel free to explore textures and materials alongside traditional illustration techniques. Your interpretation can be as abstract or as literal as you wish. Just remember, each dot must easily hang on a nail on a wall, or sit comfortably on a pedestal.

    Submit your application including name, email, phone, chosen city spot, and links to work samples to thedotshow@aigastlouis.org
    View more info on the site.

  • Apple Stickers Up The Macbook Air in Latest Ad

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    This deceptively simple ad is interesting to us for a couple reasons. One, this is the first time Apple has ever pierced the perfect form/idea of their crystalline product shots with stickered and used laptops (look closely). And secondly, it's an interesting return (yet also departure?) from a product-focused ad - albeit one that focuses on it as an object of passion to their owners.

  • #ShitToHit TONIGHT: Live in the Alley Round Two - A Creative Block Party by @TOKYbd

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    HTML tutorial

    Midtown Alley is home to some of the most creative companies in the city, and we're proud to be a part of it. All summer long, we'll be celebrating this awesome community by bringing our neighbors together for food, drinks, and music right here on Locust Street.

    Starting at 4:30 p.m., we're shutting down Locust from Garrison to Cardinal. We'll have music from bluegrass band Elemental Shakedown (www.elementalshakedown.com) and food and drink available from Dave Bailey and the Small Batch crew.

    RSVP on Facebook

  • New Editorial: 10 Things the St. Louis Startup Scene Needs to Grow - @MattMenietti >>

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    Matt Menietti, a local startup guru and partner, writes about the 10 things St. Louis needs for the startup scene to grow. While you'll see plenty of articles discussing how St. Louis is a startup/tech hub, you won't see many articles talking about what it needs to do next. That's why this article is a valuable self-evaluation of what's going on and how the scene should evolve.

    "Outside of the construction of new bike paths to make St. Louis magically cool again, what did we need to do to really push the ecosystem forward?

    Read the editorial here

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