• Kegs With Legs #14: Burgers, Beers, Bandanas - @HandLPartners

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    By the power invested in us through the daily ingestion of bald eagle wings, we now announce the next Kegs With Legs of 2014. That's right the 14th Kegs With Legs takes place in 2014 and we're doing it the ol' fashioned 'Murica way. Can you say Burgers? You can, that's good. Add beer & bandanas to the mix and we're about to get some good, wholesome country values into the heart of the Central West End at H&L Partners fantastic office.

    See you next Thursday to start the next American Revolution. It'll be just like the last one except we'll shotgun beers with the british (if any attend) instead of aiming shotguns at them.

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  • An In-Depth Look at Rebranding @MayorSlay by @GrainForAll

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    Ever since Obama's initial run for presidency, the idea of being able to handle the branding and design for a political personality has taken on a new aura of cool. That campaign in particular marked new territory in respect to developing a rock solid visual approach to communicating an ideological political strategy (at that time); not to mention, boosting the popularity of the typeface Gotham into the stratosphere.

    As such, we've always wondered why Mayor Slay didn't have a digital presence that was as savvy and well formulated as his approach to social media. And then, one day while randomly trawling for local nuggets, we happened upon his newly redesigned site and rebrand.

    Matt Steel, the Design Partner at Grain, gave us a wonderful play by play that takes a look at the before and after of St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay:

    In 2013, Mayor Francis G. Slay's team approached Grain to reposition and redesign the Mayor's website. We saw an opportunity to not only reimagine the Mayor's online presence, but to redesign his office's brand identity as well.


    For the identity, we wanted to maintain enough visual equity that current constituents wouldn't be alienated. But the Mayor is also interested in connecting with new audiences. The challenge was to balance respect for St. Louis's history with a focus on improving our city for future generations.

    Grain designed a clean, simple word-mark with strong yet approachable typography. We updated the previous blue and yellow color palette, and introduced a system of complimentary colors that are carried throughout the website.

    We also created a monogram from the Mayor's initials (FGS). It serves as a secondary brand element, a seal of authenticity.

    Our strategy for the website was to create an online magazine. From the panoramic curtain images on the homepage to the design of articles, we focused on creating an inviting, legible reading experience. And the adaptive design feels at home on all screens.


    New Site

    Visitors can browse interactive maps to learn about Mayor Slay's past and current projects, or view upcoming events.

    Grain also created a robust content management system that allows editors to publish and edit content from phones, tablets or desktop computers.

    Overall, we find this project to be a very solid execution that institutes a greater sense of professionalism and relevancy to the local community. Good work Grain.

    Visit Slay's site here.

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  • No One Sees It Like You - @Canon

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    Here's a unique approach to defining Canon's middle ground between witnessing experiences and documenting them. You'll want to watch this one fullscreen to see the beautiful little eye vignettes up close.

  • Inventing the Future of Connectivity

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    The onslaught of code related advertising continues into 2014. It's estimated that millions of development jobs will open up in the technology sector within the next decade plus. The problem is that the U.S. is facing a deficit of future programming talent with forecasted numbers falling well short of what is needed. As a result, many companies have banded together pouring large amounts of resources to spark interest in future generations of children and adults.

    In this short piece, Facebook's Yael Maguire talks about the technologies they're developing to create interconnected communities and a global society. While not directly relating to the call for new interest, this short is closely related and continues to prime the pump as we continue to move towards the spread of technology and this idea of the “internet of everything”.


  • Now Hiring: Freelance Photographer/Videographer - @CortonaSTL

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    Cortona at Forest Park is hiring: Freelance Photographer & Videographer.
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  • The Real Mad Men of New York Advertising

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    A day in the life of people who hand-paint ads on the sides of buildings


  • And the Lucky Winners of Our 3k Follower Giveaway Are…

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    Last week (or was it the week before? we don't know anymore they are all a giant never-ending blur of folly and failure) we made a push to have our twitter followers ascend over the 3,000 mark by getting some awesome local companies to give away free stuff on our behalf. As we've mentioned in the past, if we're not able to get the community free things, whether it be goods, products or alcohol, then what's the point of running this site in the first place?

    Luckily, we were able to entice three of our favorite local companies to offer some of their goods in exchange for making two of our twitter followers very happy. We decided to look inside our own dark souls for the answer of what the prize should be and decided on the following devilish offering: Six Schlafly Beers, Six Strange Donuts and Six greetabl folding gift card boxes.*

    We're pleased to announce that Justin Lebb @JustinLebb was our three-thousandth twitter follower and, through a top-secret government funded twitter randomizer, Alexandra Ogle @ABogle3 was our random follower who were bestowed with the honor of receiving the very special Schlafly+Strange+Greetabl gift pack.

    You all know what donuts and beer look like, but here's a picture of the STL themed greetabl gift packet that the winners will receive:

    On a serious note, we're very happy to have reached this goal and to continue offering our quasi-journalistic content on all things creativity, advertising, design, marketing, production, and random ass news pertaining to this wonderful city of ours. We thank you, the community, for supporting us and submitting your beautiful work for all the city and world to see. Here's to more years and followers as we continue to bring you the latest and greatest as much as is humanly possible for us to do while all having real lives, jobs and bosses to put up with.

    Next milestone… FIVE THOUSAND FOLLOWERS.

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    * We only recommended that they give you six of everything. So, Justin & Alexandra, if they give you more or less of said products, just walk away happy in the fact that you at least won something.

  • Help - @Facebook

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    We've got to say, these Facebook spots are growing on us. They're simple, tie directly to a product benefit and are acted in a way that doesn't seem "acted" at all. Very nice.


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