300 Gathered for Pecha Kucha Night

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We are hearing amazing things about the most recent Pecha Kucha Night at the Mad Art Gallery. A place where creative thinkers gather and focus on improving St. Louis? That sounds better than a piece of Pi and a nice cold Summer Lager, if that's possible.

For those that aren't familiar with this splendid idea, Pecha Kucha STL represents an opportunity to refocus public dialogue onto what makes this city great: the personalities, the creative thinkers, the musicians, the urban fabric, the rich cultural heritage, the innovators and entrepreneurs right in our midst.

This May 6th event packed in close to 300 people, which is more than we thought you could fit into any gallery space. The next Pecha Kucha Night will take place sometime in the fall and they are currently looking for new and engaging speakers. If you'd like to present, go through the form on their website.

We'll definitely be there in full force the next time it rolls around.

All of the awesome photos can be found at this Flickr group and were taken by the very talented Ryan Gladstone

Thanks to jdxpl for the tip.


looks like this event was quite valuable for our city. Oh, and it looks like the folks from All Along Press, down on Cherokee, were there to speak? They're shop is a terrific place to sharpen one's screen printing and letterpress skillz.

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