Local Goods: Holiday Shopping List

Starting today we'll be showing off some of the coolest local goods for your St. Louis only Holiday Shopping List. This list will contain all of the items that show up periodically in the news feed.

Be sure to check back often & support local business!


First item submitted to the Local Goods Holiday Shopping List are posters of local concerts by IMadeThisStuff.com/Jason Potter. All local venues, Jason has taken it upon himself to apply his own style of screen-printed visuals to some bands that don't always receive the proper treatment.

Be sure to check out all of his posters promoting some of the more obscure shows in St. Louis this past year. They're wonderfully affordable and looking to be hung in any respectable music room or man-cave.

Our second entry on the Local Goods Holiday Shopping list is a line of some pretty sharp house goods and apparel with gentle yet striking designs. The whole series is beautifully illustrated by local artist Amanda Gray-Swain and is called Sprouted Designs

Sprouted Designs creates handmade housewares, paper goods, and children's clothes inspired by nature. Each item is hand screen printed with my original designs by me in St. Louis Missouri.

Click the link for each image to see it in the Etsy store.

We couldn't pass on this locally-made tool simply because of the excellent product naming. Enter the BloPoke website (which actually happens to be fairly well executed) and instantly you are transported to a possibly familiar family room, replete with a roaring fire made possibly by the blowing & poking actions of your favorite, essential fireplace-tool.

We're assuming, since the website doesn't highlight the exact functionality of the BloPoke nor does it provide any helpful tutorial videos, that the tool is meant to be used for stoking and blowing upon the embers of a fire that may not be performing adequately or roaring as furiously as the one on the website.

Nonetheless, who doesn't want to support local goods manufacturers this season with a little blowing and poking. 'Tis the season.

Randy's Recycled Cycles based in the Grove has a fairly forward thinking and green business plan for turning old bikes into new treasures:
We recycle quality road, mountain, kids, snow, and fixed gear bikes and sell them at a substantial discount. We also make badass custom fixies, and get your existing wheels ready to roll safely.

We can get behind that concept. We can also get behind their blog, which is currently featuring some sweet bike-related gift ideas for your pedaling peers. And while we're getting into behinds, why don't you get a load of this tandem bike they have for sale and we'll get behind your behind.

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