Why is your site anonymously-run?
This site is fundamentally about authentically representing the St. Louis creative community. We aren't trying to tote our own talents or generate a buzz about ourselves personally. This site is for you, we are just trying to be the catalyst that gets those conversations started.

Who contributes to the site?
The fine men and women that contribute to The St. Louis Egotist are your neighbors, cousins, creepy uncles and pompous creatives. It is a diverse group, with each member bringing a unique voice and perspective. We also invite everyone in the community to write editorial at any time. We’re happy to give credit to anyone who takes the time to craft a piece or they can choose to remain anonymous.

Is the site associated with an agency?
Not even close. We are very careful to be unbiased in our writing and curation. You have our absolute promise that the content on The St. Louis Egotist is free of any agendas. If we label someone a schmuck it's because they are one, not because we own Schmuk, Inc.

Will all work submitted be featured?
Nope. The St. Louis Egotist posts information and editorial relevant to the demanding creative connoisseur working in Missouri and beyond. We’re critical with our recommendations, as it is our desire to become a trusted resource. We assure you that all work and links submitted to The St. Louis Egotist will be examined with a critical eye. If it has the pedigree, it will make it onto the site.

Why has my comment or forum thread been deleted?
It was likely deleted because we thought it was harmful. And that’s against the rules here. If you wouldn’t say it to someone’s face, don’t say it. It’s that simple.

Can I start a version of this site in my own city?
The Egotist platform is built to be launched in cities around the world for local market reporting and community-building. Learn more about starting your local version here.

Your question not answered here?
Contact us.

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