Poll: Who's the Best Interactive Shop Around?

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Since we know there are loads of interactive people reading The Egotist, today we’d like to know from you and everyone else:

What is the best interactive shop in St. Louis (or Missouri) and more importantly, why?


Not all at once now...

Maybe because there aren't any? The best interactive shops are inside agencies like Toky & RT. Coolfire also does nice interactive work as well.

St. Louis has lot talented shops, but my favorite thing about our community is that it's TIGHT. We help each other out. I doubt most would cast a vote here, but since I'm working right now with Spoke Marketing...

It's official. Poll over. One vote for Spoke Marketing takes it.

Im surprised there hasn't been more response to this Editorial.

I'm pretty biased, but I think Rodgers Townsend has one of the strongest digital departments in STL. Take me out of the equation please, and just look at the two guys sitting next to me right now. Sang Han is the VP/Digital Creative Director, and most of us familiar with his work by now. Regardless of your your feelings on the man or his style, its hard to argue that he's not among the most talented digital thinkers in town. Compound that with his right hand ACD, Randy Smith, whose finess designs and technical skills bring a lot of the dimensionality to some of the digital successes DDB/RT has had over the last few years. Then look at the support structure of incredible producers, a clutch dev team and award winning writers. Its a great team and experience of which Im lucky to be a part of.

I think we can look to Toky as another example of impeccable digital design paired with well thought out UI.

I think shops like HLK, Moose and 4ORCEDigital have added the right talent and are sized perfectly with a good client roster to do some great stuff over the next few years. Watch out for them as well.

Come on people, tell me I'm wrong.


It's a bad question. As JWin noted, digital & interactive shops are no longer relevant. If you're just pixel pushing, you're a commodity and of little value in trying to solve a marketers problems.

Better question would be, "who does the best, coolest, most effective sh_t in town?"

Even then, still tough to answer...because good digital isn't about being pretty. Good digital should solve a problem, and be so good at solving that problem that it get shared.

I haven't seen a lot of hard results from local work. To be fair, I haven't looked or asked for'em either.

Back to my sandwich...

It was not interactive. I don't know how much they spoke, more like spoke at or shouted 2 words or a frustration only, it wasn't anythink like marketing! But interactive is a competitive rare bird! I hope those that have found successful projects in it continue developing!

There are different types of work and what people consider to be work vs. projects and other stuff?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think Coolfire is the only 'interactive shop' agency in town... most everyone else in STL creates initial design and then subcontracts to outside shops who finish the design and all development. I think it's a misconception that several agencies talk about digital capabilities when all they offer in reality is an art director or two, and then bill for a percentage of what it cost to send it out to finish the job. These agencies aren't 'interactive shops', they are akin to job-placement agencies.

For the record, Coolfire Solutions (a separate and sister company to Coolfire Media), is digital production shop. They are not an "agency" though. Never have been, never will be. They have digital Producers, Project Managers and most importantly Developers. They are an agency partner.

Kathy, you're wrong.

TOKY designs, architects, produces, writes and develops every pixel and line of code we produce in-house. We have exactly one freelance developer that we use for our overflow work, but she's an ex-TOKY employee (and good friend). Our CMS system, Eero, that powers sites for SLU, McCarthy, HOK and many other national firms, was conceived and developed in-house. And our neighbors and friends at Atomic Dust and Almanac do their own work as well. We're not alone on this point of pride.

But, for the record, I see no harm in being a good designer who has no desire to be a good producer, IA or developer. Good design studios outsource to good photographers and illustrators all the time. No one says that makes them less of a graphic design studio.

Coolfire is great, by the way, a great asset to the community; we regularly use them for video and radio mixing, and will continue to do so.

Thanks for all of the kind mentions from our peers and friends on this thread. It's very generous and very humbling!

— ET

Integrity designs, builds and provides all types of interactive solutions - from custom social networks to iOS apps to Facebook apps to enterprise websites.

With almost 30 full-time employees (11 web engineers) we define ourselves as much by what we do NOT offer, i.e. print, radio or TV, as what we do offer.

We are a pure-play, interactive agency focused on developing world-class user experiences and are one of the leading agencies in the US designing/deploying complex open-source solutions using WordPress CMS.

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