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About The St. Louis Egotist
The St. Louis Egotist is a website dedicated to developing a St. Louis creative community that we can all be proud of. There is some mind-blowing talent in this city, but we don't feel like that community has a loud enough voice. We are here to start the shouting.

Get Pumped
St. Louis is a historic city with midwestern values that emanate from its very core. Some people love this fact and some people hate it. But there is one thing we can all agree on, midwestern values aren't normally synonymous with ground-breaking creative work. We here at The St. Louis Egotist think it doesn't need to stay that way.

Mark McGwire needed a syringe to get his boost, all you need is enthusiasm. Be genuine with your voice and inspiring with your ideas. Create work that people just have to talk about. Start bragging. We need to improve the creative reputation of this city by showing as much enthusiasm for our work as we do for our f-ing baseball team. Let's start there.

Dear Businesses
Do you have any idea how many talented writers, designers, illustrators, directors, photographers and general bad-asses there are in St. Louis? We are challenging you to start your search for killer creative with your neighbor. If you spend the time to find a perfect partner that works in St. Louis, you are doing your part in creating a self-sustaining cycle of greatness that can help transform this midwestern town into a creative juggernaut.

At least give the agencies next door a chance to win you over. Many of them are nationally recognized and superbly run. Forming a tight relationship like that will pay you back tenfold in the long run.

Spread the Word
We are starting this thing from humble beginnings so we need your support! Tweet the hell out of us. Bring the fail whale to his knees (proverbial of course). We promise to do our share to let St. Louis know we mean business. If you do the same, this whole thing is going to become something special.

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