• 1978 Boba Fett Screentest

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    Cool behind-the-scenes footage from one of the ultimate marketing machines, Star Wars.


  • Coffitivity Boosts Your Creativity with the Buzz of a Coffee Shop

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    Coffitivity claims the mix of calm and commotion from an environment like a coffee house is proven to be just what you need to get your creative juices flowing. On their site, they recreate the sounds of a coffee shop to get you stimulated. The app's coming soon.

  • John Malkovich on Ecstasy

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    The latest short film from photographer/director Sandro is a gritty vignette featuring the beloved actor John Malkovich as the feral character Vinny. With Sandro’s camera playing a two-way mirror, the viewer witnesses an unsettling one-on-one moment with Vinny spouting vicious invective to his own craggy visage, leering and mugging in a filthy club bathroom. Yow.

  • Stride Gum Releases 'Gumulon' – A Game You Control by Chewing

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    By engaging the front-facing camera on your iPhone, you use your mouth to completely control the intergalactic action – when you chew, main character Ace jumps. Sweet idea. Download it here.

  • Band Does 5 Takes of Video, With Each Band Member Consuming 4 Beers Each Additional Take

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    The band Moones overlaid a quintessential rock star concept on top of their latest video for the single 'Better Energy.' They shot their live session video five times, starting with zero beers in each band member, and ratcheting up four beers each for each new take. With the interactive video they made, you can choose to watch which tanked take you like best — zero beers, 20 beers, 40 beers, 60 beers or after the band has tossed back 80 beers between the five members. Needless to say, the track gets a little rough around the edges as they progress.

  • #ShitToHit TODAY: Sloup #36 - @HandleBarSTL

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    Sloup Flyer

    We will be sippin, chattin, and micro-funding this Sunday!
    Come to HandleBar in the Grove at 5:00pm to enjoy soup by HandleBar and Sasha's on Shaw! Beer provided by Civil Life Brewing. We can't wait!

    Check out our website or Facebook event for more info.

  • Shark Week Ad Shows Just Where They're Sitting in the Food Chain

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    We're sure PETA has some foolish bullshit to be upset about after this spot. Can't bitch at the reality of nature though.


  • #ShitToHit TONIGHT: Kegs With Legs #5 - @rukuspost

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    The gents of rukus are bringing a little taste of spring into summer tonight...
    We're talking:
    - ice luge
    - flip cup table
    - 'frank the tank' beer bong
    - jello shots
    - those weird test tube shots
    - shotski
    - kegs (for keg stands)
    - mini pools

    RSVP on Facebook.

    No pretense, no bullshit. Just beer. And partying.

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