• Now Hiring Locally: Front End Web Developer - @FalkHarrison

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    Falk Harrison is looking for a full time, junior level web developer specializing in front-end design and development. You should enjoy working in an agency setting, be comfortable balancing multiple projects and have a passion for the development of great online experiences. You’ll get to work on branded websites for a diverse mix of high-profile clients and directly impact the success of their digital strategy.

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  • Schlafly Unleashes New Macro Brewery: 21st & Locust #LetsDoThisThing

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    So we arrive at April 1st with the beer world witnessing great change. In the past few years the multi-national light lager brewers, led by Anheuser Busch InBev, SAB Miller and Molson Coors have recognized the need to go beyond light lager and have created craft beers of their own like Shock Top and Blue Moon. They have avoided linking these beers to their heritage brands by creating breweries that don’t exist. Their “Argo like” creations have been very successful. To that we say, “Bravo, gentlemen.” Thus, Schlafly Beer has taken the unprecedented, yet self-evident, step of founding 21st And Locust Brewing Company® , the largest capacity light lager brewery in the world… 150 years in the past.

    Loving the jabs at one of our most despised "local" beers that is all about applepiesuperbowlcountry­music freedom. Production level could step it up from the iPhone camera they are apparently usi... OH WAIT YOU GUYZ - THIS IS FAKE! LOLZ.

    *Handclaps & Laughtracks*

    Yoooouuu guuuuyyyysssss…

    Check out the rest of their April 1st tomfoolery here:

  • Now Hiring: Freelance Front End Developer - @Driftlab

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    Driftlab is hiring: Front End Developer.
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  • The Original Madman - Documentary on Photographer Bert Stern

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    In the unconventional documentary Becoming Bert Stern, the original mad-man photographer reveals himself for the first time. Berts meteoric career began as a mailroom-boy at Look Magazine, where he formed a close relationship with a young staff photographer, Stanley Kubrick. The launch of Sterns career and the Golden Age of Advertising would coincide; with Sterns Driest of the Dry campaign for Smirnoff. This ad would end up selling more vodka than Smirnoff dreamed, making America for the first time a vodka drinking country, and Stern a very successful photographer at the age of 25.


  • Article by @AaronPerlut on State of News Media

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    In 2011 on this blog, I wrote about the diminished value of the news release. Even then, when we were more broadly seeing the sky fall, some out-of-touch old-timers told me I was smoking the pipe.

    Now flash forward to 2013 and the havoc is even more distinctive: Mobile is everything, social sharing is how more people get their news every day, no one watches TV news, reporters have eight beats to cover and no time to report on stories they are interested in, and the list goes on.

    Read the full article & see the full infographic

  • New Studio Insider: Take a Look Inside @AvatarSTL >>

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    We're proud to present the third feature in our Insider Series for 2013. Today's insider focuses on Avatar Studios, a video production company who's pretty substantial in size and age. In case you missed the Kegs With Legs last week at their expansive studios, rest assured and take a digital trip through Avatar right now.

    Go ahead, step inside.

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  • Spoke Launches Sprockets Summer Program

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    Great idea that more agencies should consider emulating.

    Spoke is launching our FIFTH 'Sprockets' summer program. We hire interns (and pay them) and work on pro bono projects for non-profits and start-ups around the region. We've done a lot of great work...and ALL of our past interns have great jobs (even in this market). Worthy organizations get free agency-caliber work, and interns get real-world experience. Check out SpokeMarketing.com/summerlove for more details. We're accepting applications for interns and freeloading clients now.

  • Now Hiring: Design/Illustration Interns - @Spoke_Marketing

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    Spoke Marketing is hiring: Design/Illustration Interns. Please Note: You must become a member to see jobs posted within the last three days.

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