• The Fine Art of Coffee Portraiture

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    NY barista, Mike Breach, has turned his coffee making skills into a work of art — the three minute variety. We've all see the leaves and other basic shapes that can be made using the steamed milk from our lattes, but Breach has taken this one step further by painting faces into his coffee creations. Tumblr did a profile on Mike and his exceptional skill. He posts photos of his creations on hisTumblr blog, Baristart.

  • Now Hiring Locally: Graphic Designer - @DruryHotels

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    Designs, develops, produces and maintains art layouts for company materials such as brochures, ads, logos, web and other collateral. Maintains the brand identity while utilizing new design styles to attract the target customer and promote the brand. Works with other Marketing Department team members on projects as requested.

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  • Stage 32 - New Social Network for Film, TV & Theater Creatives

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    Not that anyone needs another social network, but this one might be of interest to many of you out there. Stage 32 is a social network for film, television, and theatre creatives - and anyone in these industries know how important networking is. So this could really come in handy.

  • STL Writer's Room Opens It's Doors

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    If you ask us, there aren't enough writer-specific resources these days. That's why we're completely digging the concept (and photos) of this new "co-writing" building down on Locust by Tap Room.

    STL Writers’ Room is a membership organization that offers area writers and creative types a place to work and collaborate among a community of peers.

    This work space was designed for writers, but works equally well for graphic designers, web designers, etc. It's the perfect alternative for those in need of a quiet space to work. Membership options are very affordable and include 24/7 access to the space, high-speed internet, free street parking, coffee bar/kitchenette, and many other amenities (including invitations to members-only events). Private offices are available upon request.

    At $5 a day for pop-ins and cheaper monthly payments for members, this seems to be a nice, cozy alternative to the other co-working areas around town. The only things that bother us about this are the lack of creativity placed on the branding, logo and website (especially copy). And why must we place an 'STL' anywhere in the name of new/revitalized concepts these days?

    Okay, our rant is done. Get out there and support this place:
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  • Can Hackers Be Heroes? - @PBSOffbook

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    These are endlessly interesting & consistent. Can't go wrong with that…

    Many people think of hackers as cyber criminals, breaking into computer systems with ill-intent. Though there are plenty of destructive hackers in the world, there have always been people who hack with a different purpose. Some define hacking as "finding creative solutions to technical problems." To them, hacking means having an exploratory mindset about technology, and a willingness to "get under the hood" to tinker and see what happens. Other groups, like Anonymous, employ more subversive hacking practices to forward social and political causes, embedding a social consciousness into the traditionally murky dark-side of security hacking. Looking beyond the media hype and scare tactics, it is clear that "hacking" is a term whose meaning should be up for debate, and that some hackers could in fact be heroes, and not just villains.

  • Help Has a Name: @MayorSlay - @AnastasisFilms

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    Here's a video victory lap for Mayor Slay with some nice shots of young creatives in creative places that should be somewhat noticeable to the average urban citizens. The voiceover work is really muddy and intermittent, enough to make us lose attention quickly - but the visuals should speak loud enough for what they're trying to communicate.

    Our only question is - how the hell do you swing work from both mayoral candidates? Surely the Slay team knew this was the same group behind Lewis Reed's initial running video?

  • Field Notes: America the Beautiful Edition

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    Field Notes: America the Beautiful Edition from Coudal Partners on Vimeo.

    Draplin and the DDC are at it again. They've just released the Spring 2013 edition of Field Notes brand notebooks. This limited edition (part of the Colors series) version has been dubbed, America the beautiful, and from first looks the imagery selected and design of the small pocket journals live up to the name. This edition was painstakingly crafted as the group worked with their printer to purposely re-create the mis-registered and dulled effects of the originals. Check out the site for a much more in-depth description of their process.

    This edition might be, to us, the most “Draplin-esque” version they've done so far. Aaron's love of the classic farm notebook, the mid-western work ethic and his unswerving love of this country come shining through from the moment you see these little dandies. You can pick yourself up a set of three (which come bundled with a specially designed decal) from the Field Notes website.


  • The First Honest Cable Company Ad

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    People really hate cable companies. And now they're spending their own time and energy to tell everyone just how much. How does one industry end up this poorly run?


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