• Fuck Yeah St. Louis

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    Last night, The Flaming Lips brought their psychedelic-pop-art-eye-candy-musical-circus to the Pageant. Lucky for us, concert photographer Jason Stoff/Encor.es was at the show and capturing the magic. This incredible, custom mylar balloon is how they greeted the crowd.

    Click the image to view the entire photo set from last night's concert.

  • "11 1/2" A Short Film/Commercial by @KatiesPizzaPasta

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    Every once in a while, something comes along that is such a perplexing and confusing move that we're (somehow) left speechless by what we've just witnessed. This, friends, is one of those times.

    Katie's Pizza is a local phenomenon of sorts - a Pizza restaurant that has absolutely raked in the business despite operating out of a tiny storefront on Clayton road. Last year, they decided to open up a second location on Manchester and employed the power of Kickstarter to make it happen. Despite our feelings towards businesses using a crowd-funding platform to either expand or keep their doors open, it worked – and they opened up a much bigger and grandiose second location in late 2013.

    So since you have that whole ordeal of raising money out of the way, what's the logical next step? Make a well-produced short film/commercial featuring the owners as talent of course!

    All sarcasm aside, businesses can do whatever they want to keep, increase or maintain business – whether it's using Kickstarter to raise money or making strange short films and casting themselves as the lead actors. We're not judging that. What we are judging is the commercial in and of itself because, well… it's what we do. And honestly, if you look at all the contributing elements of this commercial, it's really well done: Perfect Fellini-tributed titles, nice lighting and cinematography, editing and pacing all working together within a moody sound track (which they ripped/borrowed/got approval from Ennio Morricone?) that gives an impression of something deeper.

    Unfortunately, while the filmmercial is pretty, it's ultimately thin like their pizza and not achieving the intended desire of leaving you satisfied. We understand that the intent is comedic parody and probably cute/funny/? for a small group of people. From a public marketing level and in thinking about the rest of the city, it comes across pretty damn douchey.

    Thanks for the submission.

  • #RealDadMoments

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    These "real-life" ads keep getting better & better. Here's one from Dove that makes you a bit watery in the eyes - just in time for Father's Day.

  • And the Logo for St. Louis' Newest Professional Sports Team @SaintLouisFC is…

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    Last week, the Saint Louis Football Club – newest team in the United Soccer Leagues – had online voting in place for two potential logos to represent the team. Unfortunately, we found out about it right after voting had ended and led a posthumous attempt to let our (and other's) opinion be known.

    We're not thrilled with the selection; the more badge-oriented design felt contemporary and nicely representing river and arch elements that weren't overbearing or hokey. It felt more complete (except for centering the type) and ready for deviations into uniforms, banners, merchandise etc. The circle logo feels more like an anniversary patch or throwback logo that has been evolved upon.

    What do you think? Are you a fan of the badge showcasing river, arch and fleur-de-lis or do you like the minimal circle design?

    Let us know in the comments.

  • Nike Football Releases Epic Animated Film in Which the Originals Take Back the Game

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    Funny how the best soccer in the world brings out the best advertising.


  • 14 New #STL Jobs, 18 Total

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    14 new full-time, freelance and internship jobs posted recently, with 18 total on the list. Log in as a member to see the latest. Post your jobs here to tap into the best local talent.

    — — —

    [Internship] Writer / Content Creator Intern - Almanac, St. Louis

    [Full-Time] Art Director - Paradowski, Saint Louis

    [Freelance] Proofreader - Riverfront Times, Delmar Loop

    [Full-Time] Digital Marketing Production Manager - Smarty Had A Party, St. Louis

    [Full-Time] Graphic Designer - The Graphics Company, St. Louis, MO

    [Full-Time] Front-End Developer - UMSL, St. Louis

    [Full-Time] Project Manager- The Kerry Group, Fenton, MO

    [Freelance] Photographer - Colossal, St. Louis

    [Full-Time] Designer - New Honor Society, St. Louis, MO

    [Internship] Content Creator Intern - Strange Donuts, St. Louis

    [Full-Time] Digital Media Planner - H&L Partners, St. Louis

    [Full-Time] Copywriter - Paradowski Creative, St. Louis, MO

    [Full-Time] Copywriter - Fusion Marketing, St. Louis

    [Full-Time] Art Director - Fusion Marketing, St. Louis

  • Step Into the Mind of @DanZettwoch with Early Sketches & Final Artwork for @RFTMusic Showcase Branding

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    It's no surprise that we're big fans of Mr. Zettwoch, who's illustration and artwork have played a big part in capturing the local culture intimately throughout the years - as only a well-established native of St. Louis can.

    This time around, he's given us a first look at the process and illustrations that led to his final artwork choices for the RFT's Music Showcase; which takes place this weekend in The Grove. Read & view below what is one of the best behind-the-scenes look we've gotten recently. If you can't tell, this is one of our favorite parts of showing off great work.

    Tom Carlson (Sr. Art Director) got in touch with me early this year about doing the Showcase art this year and then we both sorta sat on it for a few months. Then 2 days before press deadline for the week the RFT had to start advertising the event I did all this.

    There are a few rejected sketches in there, although "rejected" is probably too harsh a word. "Unused" is probably better. Tom suggested a simpler approach without all the environmental and landscape stuff so that it'd be easier to make web banners and t-shirts later.

    I suppressed all (or at least some of) my clutterriffic tendencies and focused on these 3 music creator / receptor anatomical characters. I watched some internet videos on the how the inner ear works for reference (that french horn is supposed to be the cochlea). This is what I came up with.

    I built the art by combining ink drawings/lettering with vector shapes/textures. I provided Tom the final and he created the various iterations and different formats.

  • Mark Halski of @HalskiStudio is Making a Documentary About @El_Monstero

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    For anyone who's ever been to an El Monstero show, this film is an obvious next step. And you gotta admit, it's a pretty interesting one as we can't recall many documentaries focused on a glorified tribute/cover band. Check out the beautiful looking trailer below as well as an in-depth interview on the project over at STLMag.com

    Excerpt from the interview:
    "This will be a rock documentary about El Monstero, there will be plenty of concert and performance to be sure, but that is not all there will be. As a viewer, you will get to see and hear a lot of things you don’t get to see as a fan at their shows. Interview content, behind the scenes material, these kinds of things will be a significant portion of the film. This stuff is a blast, and the fans are really going to dig it."

    "We feel that what El Monstero is doing is not unlike a modern day version of the oral tradition. They are taking these incredible songs and powerful ideas and stories from 30 or more years ago, and retelling them with genuine faith in the material, but not before putting a touch of their own identity into them. The result is a lot more than what you would get from a typical cover band. It really is a powerful and oftentimes moving experience and we are lucky to have them."

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