• Jack Buck's 9/11 Poem

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    This video seems especially surreal in comparison to the climate of America in this election season.

  • #ShitToHit This Weekend: An Under Cover Weekend @AUCW

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    Despite gaining a little negative press earlier today from the RFT, An Under Cover Weekend will be taking place at the Firebird this weekend in it's most visible and heavily promoted year yet. The Egotist is behind this idea full force - as anything that can get more people to come out to a local show with local bands is alright by us. The kicker is - even the shitty local bands you don't like won't be playing their own songs! At the very least it's like a well rehearsed, completely live karaoke. Take a chill pill RFT.

    Michael Tomko, one of the founders of AUCW, has this to say:
    With An Under Cover Weekend 6, I think that we've finally hit our stride. We have come a long way from being a one-off event to being named by the St. Louis Beacon as an "institution" in St. Louis. AUCW is a celebration of local music, through covers, and we work tirelessly all year to put on an event that is somehow bigger and better than the previous year. For our sixth installment, we not only stepped up our approach to photography, but we also expanded the coverage and output of our blog and shot a 5-part mini-docudrama where we interviewed those involved in AUCW both past and present about what the event means to them.

    All in all, we aim to be the gateway drug to your new favorite local band(s) and every year we will continue to expand on ways to introduce you to the best talent in St. Louis. Just give us one weekend a year and An Under Cover Weekend will change your life.


    We released five videos this year, produced by Allison Babka, David Treadway, Kevin FitzGerald, and Mike Tomko, that take an in-depth look into The Beginning, The Photography, The Showmanship, The Community, and The Experience of An Under Cover Weekend. The videos were shot in a single day at The Silver Ballroom in South City and feature an ensemble cast of organizers, photographers, bands, and fans of AUCW. These documentary style videos have been a dream of ours since year one and Allison and company helped us to finally make it a reality this year. We are going to continue working on a full AUCW documentary and have some really big things in the works for 2013! All five videos can be found here


    AUCW6 marked our second year of having local photographers Bryan Sutter and Jason Stoff shoot exclusive photos of all ten bands for use on our website and for press. We wanted to create a branded and cohesive set of photos that would stand out as something different from your typical band photo and to our knowledge there is no music festival, local or national, that takes their branding to this extent. This year we took things to the next level by hosting our photo shoots in the beautiful Thaxton Speakeasy downtown. Our look has always harkened this sort of secret agent / film noir type of thing and Bryan and Jason, combined with a cooperative set of bands and the amazing architecture of The Thaxton, were able to capture our vision many times over. You can see all of the photos from this year here.

    Check out a mix tape featuring the bands (original tunes).
    View the AUCW Schedule & Band Info.
    RSVP on Facebook.

  • New Logo/Improvements for @SumpCoffee

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    The Bad-Assification quotient on this new illustrated logo has easily been boosted +20 HP. We love how the elements of the owner have been captured into the new version which in turn end up making the identity and Sump experience as a whole that much more memorable. And if you have no idea where Sump Coffee is and what exactly we're talking about here, get in the know.



    Thanks to Joe Allhoff (illustration) of Trader Bob’s and Marz (putting it all together). Shirts and merch coming soon.

  • *New* Locals Only & #ShittoHit Featuring Brian Cummings (@BCummingsPhoto)

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    Introducing our fourth installment of Locals Only - our interview series that explores the background, mindset and portfolios of some the best creatives our area has to offer. This time around we're focusing on photographer Brian Cummings.

    Coincidentally, he also has a new series opening this weekend called "Fairy Fatales". This is his fourth series exploring a certain theme and anyone that's been to one of his openings before can tell you that you're in for a real treat.

    Read the Locals Only Interview.

    RSVP on Facebook for his gallery opening, Fairy Fatales.

    Imagine that the sweet, beautiful, angelic protagonist of your favorite childhood fairy tale were actually a dangerous seductress, capable of heinous, deceitful acts and unforgivable cruelty towards fictional talking animals in pants and crowns. Need some help? Leave it to Brian Cummings, sick and demented individual that he is, to spark your imagination.

    In a photo series that has come to be known as “Fairy Fatales,” Brian has created visual narratives telling the other side of the story, and unforgivingly implying twisted alternate endings to our favorite traditional tales. Maybe the slimy green frog's destiny is NOT to receive a kiss from the princess, living happily ever after as a handsome prince. Maybe he'd be better suited quartered and simmering in a golden broth as the first course? Also, wouldn’t Papa Bear make a FABULOUS rug for Goldie Locks's new cabin? And is Rapunzel really ready for a long-term relationship?

    Join us at Mad Art Gallery as we revisit the tales of our past. This is a series that is sure to delight (and perhaps disturb) children and adults of all ages!

  • Jeremy Cockrell Joins @HoffmanLewisSTL as Director of Digital Marketing

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    Hoffman|Lewis has hired Jeremy Cockrell as Director of Digital Marketing. The advertising and marketing agency created this new role with plans to expand its interactive capabilities.

    Cockrell brings more than 14 years of experience in advertising and marketing, nine of which specifically focused on interactive services. During his career, Cockrell has planned and executed digital strategy and programs for national and regional brands including SeaWorld, Marriott, AT&T, Missouri Baptist Hospital and Budweiser. He has extensive experience in the tourism, healthcare and consumer packaged goods industries.

    Cockrell comes to Hoffman|Lewis from Momentum Worldwide, where he led integrated marketing strategy for new business efforts and grew the digital staff in his role as Manager and Senior Integrated Producer.

    Jeremy Cockrell

  • Now Hiring Locally: Freelance Voice Talent Needed - @PowerofCMS

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    Power of CMS is hiring: Voice Talent. Please Note: You must become a member to see jobs posted within the last three days.

  • Lake of the Ozarks Viral Boat Crash Video

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    If you haven't seen this yet for some reason, hold on to your butts. Or at least have a smidgen better sense than these people and sit the f*ck down.

    Skip to 1:17 for the Ozark O-shit moment.

    And of course, the dub-step remix.

  • Here is St. Louis - @AnastasisFilms

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    We're loving the self-love of our city and we think that it's part of what makes St. Louis unique. But sometimes it feels like we're loving ourselves a little too much to show the outside world just how great we really are. When is it too much? What other cities have to show coffeehouses & restaurants intermingled with random city shots to communicate how unique it is?

    Nevertheless, we do love seeing a compiled snapshot of St. Louis any day of the week and wholeheartedly appreciate the self-started effort it must've taken to capture this visual smorgasbord of St. Louis landmarks and culture spots. Good job, Anastasis Films.

    Out of our love and passion for St. Louis City, we wanted to showcase some of the places and people that make it great. With special music from A Band Called Catch.

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