• Kegs With Legs #12 @TOKYbd - The Party Before the Mardi

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    We'd be lying if we said we weren't looking forward to having a Kegs With Legs hosted by TOKY and now finally, the time has come. As you all know, TOKY prides themselves on executing beautiful design for local institutions and we feel it as almost a coming of age as our own little roving-institution is featured within their studio.

    By no means does this implicate that we are growing up and turning Kegs With Legs into anything else than what it's meant to be: Booze & Party. And holy shit does TOKY know how to get our party-bone a twitchin': Rhythm Section Road Show, King-Size King Cake, Fortune Telling, Mug Shots and much more. It's going to be like Mardi Gras minus the hurricanes and nudity… maybe.

    RSVP on Facebook.

  • *Network* Now Hiring: Director of Interactive - @Group360

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    The Director of Interactive provides vision and leadership to our expanding media teams as they deliver products and services for clients while supporting the company’s vision. The Director is responsible for overseeing the design, development, implementation and continued lifecycle of digital media. As a member of the leadership team, the Director is a strong representative of our development team, able to effectively translate timelines to various audiences supporting our company’s long-term digital goals.

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  • #AddyWeekSTL Daytime Panels for Wednesday, February 19th

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    Client Perspective Panel 9:00 - 10:00 a.m.
    Understanding what makes clients tick can help you develop breakthrough creative that gets approved and ensures that your agency retains valued customers. Our corporate, retail and nonprofit panelists will reveal how clients select agencies, what they look for in outstanding creative and the types of challenges they face that can make their jobs ... and yours ... incredibly difficult, yet satisfying.

    Start-Ups Panel
    10:30 - 11:30 a.m.
    The start-up community is rampant in St. Louis and the St. Louis Ad Club has taken notice. We'll hear from business owners and founders of St. Louis based startups talk about the many facets of starting a business, the pros and cons, lessons learned, and much more. In an effort to include multiple perspectives, agencies, vendors and clients will be represented on the panel.

    Digital Panel - Balance 1:30 - 2:30 p.m.
    We're consistently challenged to look for ways to balance digital efforts with traditional marketing efforts or vice versa … facing daily questions like "How do we become more digital?", "Is digital where really we need to be?" or "Why didn't we suggest digital?" These questions and others will be discussed and debated by panelists who manage the balancing act of “digital and everything else” on a daily basis.

    Internship Panel 3 - 4 p.m.
    Join three potential interns as they present work to our panel of Creative Directors. What are Creative Directors looking for? What are potential interns producing? Get the answers to these questions. Learn what it takes for an agency to find an awesome intern and for a student to land the valuable internship. Agency representatives and potential interns will be in attendance and so should you. We guarantee one person (possibly more) will land an internship.

  • Now Hiring Locally: Creative Director – Design - @Group360WW

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    The Creative Director (CD) is responsible for the ultimate strategic intent, visual appeal and communicative success of their client’s brands. The CD leads a team of Art Directors, Writers, Illustrators and Photographers to complete projects, offering guidance, training and mentoring through the creative process. The CD leads concept development and brainstorming sessions, oversees strategic direction, provides and critiques visual and copy solutions, and presents the rationale for their choices effectively. The CD is a leader who inspires and motivates others to reach their creative potential. This position works with the account team to direct projects, ensuring that they are completed accurately, on time and within budgetary constraints.

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  • #AddyWeekSTL Daytime Panels for Tuesday, February 18th

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    Stars of Tomorrow, Today 9:00 - 10:00 a.m.
    Advertising is often referred to as a young person’s industry. Yet we seldom get a chance to hear their voices. This is a chance to listen to rising stars from different disciplines talk about what they see on the horizon for design, branding, production, client service and media. Let’s hear how they define success, motivation and why they chose advertising in the first place. The panel will be moderated by an agency veteran, blatantly trying to steal their ideas.

    Digital Panel: Social Media 10:30 - 11:30 a.m.
    How do you measure the success of your social media campaign? Is it by an increase in likes? Followers? Engagement? It can be a difficult task to tie social media efforts back to ROI goals. Come and join some of the leading social media marketers in St. Louis and hear their thoughts and ideas on driving content strategies, attribution and the KPI’s they use to track ROI to determine campaign success.

    The Diversity Conversation 1:30 - 2:30 p.m.
    We live in a city that has tremendous diversity. But where is the diversity in the St. Louis Advertising & Marketing community? Hear from an ethnically diverse group of advertising professionals as they share their insights and perspectives on barriers to entry, the lack of diversity in our industry today and what we can be doing for tomorrow.

    The Art of the Loss 3 - 4 p.m.
    How to turn a disappointing loss into a win. Creatives from various agencies will share perspective on how their team approaches losing. Please join us in discussing how some of the best in St. Louis learn from being bested.

  • #ShitToHit TONIGHT: Student Event #AddyWeekSTL

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    Addy Week starts tonight with the super-creatively named "Student Event." Students/Prospective Advertising Professionals, it would probably be in your best interest to attend this event and get a feeling for what's going on in the world of St. Louis advertising.

    Cut to the chase, you’ve applied for graduation and you are lookin’ to score a career in advertising. You find yourself in the belly of beast…do I get an internship in advertising? How do I make myself stand out from the other interns? Better yet, how do I even get in the door? What’s the million dollar phrase I used in my cover letter? What makes my resume not get filed in the trashcan? Okay, I understand that I am a brand, but how do I sell myself?

    These questions and more will be answered during ADDY Week for Students by local, top-notch advertising pros. Plus, hone your “A” game even more by taking on the “Beast.” Enter your name to compete against the Ad Beast. Using advertising terms, can you beat the Beast with your ad knowledge?

    Where: Joe Buck's Downtown, Lower Level
    1000 Clark Avenue, 63102

    *This event is free to attend but please RSVP here.

  • Now Hiring Locally: Front End Developer - @SpokeMarketing

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    F#$@ Cubicles.
    We need a front-end developer that knows how to take creative ideas and make them come to life online. If you want, you can wear headphones, read comic books and be hipster or emo, we’re okay with that. Just don’t be a jerk or easily offended. But, if you are a jerk, you’d better be really funny.

    We’re solution-agnostic when it comes to backend systems, but we almost always use open source CMS (unless a client requests something else). Be prepared for anything.
    If you’re the type of coder that wants to sit in front of a green screen and write code all day without interacting with ‘people’, this probably isn’t a fit for you.
    If you’re the type of developer that likes to tell everyone why something can’t be done, this definitely isn’t for you.
    If you’re the type of developer that knows it all, and loves to talk about how smart you are, this isn’t for you.
    If you don't like working hard and having fun, don’t apply.
    If you think the day ends at 5pm, don’t apply.
    If you're the right fit, you could grow to be interactive director. If you're not, you will be belly up to a bar someday talking about this great opportunity that was in the palm of your hand that you blew. Just don’t drink and drive afterwards.

    See the full details

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  • #SiteLaunch - @GeileLeonSTL

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    Geile/Leon Marketing is a self-described "Integrated Marketing & PR Firm with some serious branding experience." With that kind of industry-speak combination, we were a little on-guard before checking out the submission notifying us of their site re-launch:

    Geile/Leon unveiled a fully redesigned website (geileon.com) built with a "mobile first" mentality, as well as being retina-ready to provide enhanced content for users with HD screens. The agency wanted to deliver a cleaner UX with an easily digestible hierarchy of content to display services, featured work and case studies and a true representation of company culture.

    With an emphasis on minimizing introductory content, showcasing the work on the front page and a minimal, responsive layout - we have to call this site redesign a definite win. It may not be entering any new frontiers of user experience or design, but it is simple and calculated in what it is trying to communicate. And we really respect that.

    In an age where the tendency is for agencies (and especially PR firms) to over-explain and create completely superfluous content, G/L uses a keen sense of editing; never letting the site become hampered by overwrought ideas or case studies.

    The local marketing agency with one of the muddier names to pronounce (GUY-EL LEE-ON as they've pointed out on the About Us page) has definitely taken a step forward into getting their name a bit more recognizable amongst the industry and future clientele they're sure to attract with their clearly communicating site.

    Check out more on their blog post here.

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