• Stop-Motion Oscar Nominee Countdown for @Drambuie by @Moosylvania

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    Clever little idea for engaging a little-known liquer brand in a social media effort, perfectly timed with the Oscars on Sunday night.

    We recreated 5 of the Academy Awards best picture nominees, and are posting them daily leading up to the show. On Sunday, fans can comment on their favorite to win Drambuie prizes. Three have been posted, with two more to come.

  • #ShitToHit TONIGHT: #KegsWithLegs 12 - The Party Before the Mardi @tokybd

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    Many times, as we well know, the pre-partying we engage in prior to Mardi Gras is typically better than the actual event itself, where chaos reigns and thousand of scantily clad, red-mouthed morons drunkenly bounce into you at every turn. The magical golden glow of pleasant buzzed-ness prior to the mind numbing cold and over-intoxicated decision making of Mardi Gras will be the theme to tonight's Kegs With Legs.

    Let's all get our glow on and enjoy the fun that Toky has cooked up for us. Literally. As in cooked up a king-sized king cake. Not to mention a mug-shot photo booth, live music with the Rhythm Section Road Show, fortune telling and much more.

    Leave the hurricanes for Saturday, it's the party before the mardi tonight in Midtown Alley.
    RSVP on Facebook.

  • Now Hiring Locally: Art Director - @KuhlSwaine

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    Kuhl/Swaine is looking for an Art Director with 1-3 years of ad experience. We're going to hire a motivated collaborator with a keen sense of design and conceptual ability to deliver inspiring work on a range of projects across channels. Check out our website for our list of great clients and great work.

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  • *Network* Now Hiring: Senior Editor - @90degreeswest

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  • "Ian Up for Whatever" @BudLight Super Bowl Parody - @TheParodyPatrol

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    Parody Patrol, a local group that specializes in making parodies of famous commercials, recently submitted a Bud Light "Up for Whatever" parody that we thought some of you in the agency world would appreciate. This shows what would happen in the worst case scenario of Ian never getting out of the bar in the first place.
    Pretty funny shit.

    "It wasn’t until seeing the spot air during the big game that we knew how to poke fun at it. What if everything didn’t go to plan? How many takes did it take to make the “perfect” spot for “the perfect beer”? We had to make everything go wrong, and so we made this."

    Here's the pretty painful, real Bud Light commercial that you most likely witnessed during the super bowl at the beginning of the month.

  • One from the Archives: St. Louis Has It! A to Z - 1970's Promo

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    Here's some afternoon delight for the beginning of your assumedly hectic week.
    It appears that we've been dealing with this inferiority complex for at least a couple decades now...

    "Well, why didn't you say so?!"

    Shout out to RallySTL for the find.

  • 14 New #STLJobs – 26 Total

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    14 new full-time, freelance and internship jobs posted in the past month, with 26 total on the list. Log in as a member to see the latest. Post your jobs here to tap into the best local talent.

    — — —

    [*Full-Time*] Director of Interactive - GROUP360 Worldwide, St. Louis

    [Full-Time] Creative Director - Design - GROUP360 Worldwide, St. Louis

    [Full-Time] Front End Developer - Spoke Marketing, 3145 Locust St.

    [Internship] Jr. Art Director (Internship) - Brighton Agency, St. Louis

    [Full-Time] Creative Director - Writer - Rivet, St. Louis

    [Internship] Graphic Design Intern - Scorch Agency, St. Louis

    [Internship] Account Executive Intern - Scorch Agency, St. Louis

    [Internship] Internship - HLK, St. Louis, MO

    [Freelance] Freelance Graphic Designer - ALIVE Magazine, St. Louis

    [Freelance] Freelance Project/Production Manager - ALIVE Magazine, St. Louis

    [Full-Time] Designer/Front-End Developer - McCord Design Group, St. Louis

    [Full-Time] Marketing-Communications Manager - Laumeier Sculpture Park, St. Louis

    [Internship] Web Development Intern - Roundedcube, Saint Louis, MO

    [Internship] Web Design Intern - Roundedcube, Saint Louis, MO

  • #AddyWeekSTL Gold Winners List

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    Cannonball: 37A - Tablet - Apps *BEST OF SHOW*
    Kuhl/Swaine: 10A - Single - Poster
    Kuhl/Swaine: 10A - Single - Poster
    Kuhl/Swaine: 73 - E of A - Copywriting
    H&L Partners: 24B - 4-color - Consumer of Trade Publication
    rukus: 74H - Animation or Special FX - Visual
    rukus: Computer / Graphic Design Animation - Local
    HLK: 33A - Products - Website
    HLK: 35C - Services - Micro Site
    HLK: 70G - Digital Advertising - Advertising Self-Promotion
    90 Degrees West: 70G - Digital Advertising - Advertising Self-Promotion
    TOKY: 32C - Services - Website
    Boxing Clever: 10B - Campaign - Poster
    Boxing Clever: 55 - Integrated Campaigns - Consumer, Regional / National Cinema Advertising *BEST OF SHOW*
    Fedele Studio 40B: - Internet Commercials - Video
    Fedele Studio 74I: - Cinematography - Visual
    Fedele Studio : Editor - Local
    Advertising Savants:33C - Services - Website
    Rodgers Townsend DDB: 33B - Outlets - Website
    Rodgers Townsend DDB: 34B - Outlets - Mobile Website
    Rodgers Townsend DDB: 35B - Outlets - Micro Site *BEST OF SHOW*
    StoryTrack: 65C - Audio / Visual - Public Service
    United Way of Greater St. Louis: 65C - Audio / Visual - Public Service
    Atomicdust: 32A - Products - Website B-to-B
    Atomicdust: 32C - Services - Website B-to-B
    Atomicdust: 33A - Products - Website
    Atomicdust: 33A - Products - Website
    Paradowski Creative: 33C - Services - Website
    Coolfire Media : 51B - In-theatre Commercials or Slides - Cinema Advertising
    Coolfire Media: 74H - Animation or Special Effects - Visual
    Brown Shoe Company: 08B - Four color - Brochure
    Brown Shoe Company: 09E - Book Design (Entire Book) - Publication Design
    Brown Shoe Company: 35A - Products - Micro Site
    Switch: 60 - Advertising for the Arts & Sciences - Non-traditional
    Once Films: 74I - Cinematography - Visual

    Ashley Seering: Television
    Ad Core (UMSL) : Digital Advertising

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