• I Am Big Bird Trailer

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    There are few who do not know the wonder of Sesame Street and its lovable cast of characters. Many of us grew up on that street, and while we cannot claim a physical presence in that most magical of neighborhoods, we were there in spirit and mind everyday of our young lives.

    I Am Big Bird is a documentary that explores one of the most loved characters, Big Bird, and the wonderful puppeteer that has brought him to life over the last 45 years. Caroll Spinney is the only remaining original puppeteer from the Sesame Street team, yet at 80 years of age he continues to bring Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch to life for an entirely new generation of kids.

    This documentary is one that is absolutely not to be missed. This film has been three years in the making, but it will be one that is hailed as a defining document on one of the most important popular culture and education resources in history.


  • Creating the Stark's Direwolf Emblem from Game of Thrones

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    We might as well posting the Game of Thrones extras now, since we have another long haul to go before we get to see what happened after last night's stunner.

    Check out this beautiful, meditative video on creating the Direwolf, emblem of the Starks.


  • Save the Date: @CoolfireStudios 7th Annual Pinewood Derby

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    Save the date! It's the 7th Annual Coolfire Pinewood Derby! The green flag drops Thursday, July 17th, 2014 at Plush (3224 Locust).

    Rodgers Townsend has dominated the last two years...but this year is wide open. From penny stocks to wicked fast whittle jobs - who will avoid the Feds and be crowned the 2014 champions at the Coolfire 'Wolves of Wood Street’ Pinewood Derby? If you have what it takes…it may just be you!

    Official weigh-in and entry will be Wednesday, July 16th. Same rules apply as last year, and the extreme track is back! There will be both race car and show car divisions. $300 per entry suggested donation. Official rules will be sent with the car kits. To enter, please email
    MK Shields
    . As always, costumes/themed teams are strongly encouraged!

    This year's proceeds will help support The Coolfire Foundation.

  • GODvertising

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    The World Cup has an advertising conundrum.

    1. Soccer doesn't have many commercial breaks.

    2. The whole world is watching, so brands will need to use messages that transcend culture and language.

    For many brands, music seems to be the creative lever of choice. (For example, Activia gave their Rihanna spot a Brazilian twist and Coke translated its latest music-driven spot into 32, yes 32, different languages.)

    But one company is currently winning: SportsBet.com. Love it or hate it, the Australian sports gambling site just got the World's attention with a 150-foot hot air balloon replica of Christ The Redeemer wearing a soccer jersey emblazoned with SportsBet's World Cup campaign hashtag.

    They've already earned millions of impressions, with every major news outlet covering the controversial outdoor tactic. The good news for SportsBet.com? They're probably seeing a massive surge in traffic. The bad news is, they pissed off every devout Christian on the planet. But something tells us the gambling website isn't too terribly concerned about that.

    Moral of the story: Outdoor advertising — if done well, placed well and timed right — can earn more impressions than a brand could ever buy.


  • Printers, Writers & Artists: Applications Due Monday for the St. Louis Small Press Expo @STLSPExpo

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    The event doesn't take place until the last week in September, but if you're interested in participating in the Expo, you'll have to submit your applications by late night on Monday.

    St. Louis has as many indie publishing projects as it has red brick houses. Locally grown publishers will table at the expo, sell their work, network and have the opportunity to take part in readings. Readers will find a diverse collection of publications to choose from. Writers and artists will discover new places to place their work. Future publishers will find advice on how to get started, and everyone can celebrate St. Louis, where the communities of writers, artists, and printers have created an environment where independent and unique projects are the rule rather than the exception.

    The application deadline is June 16, 2014 at 11:59 PM; final lineup will be announced in early July. Priority will be given to projects based in the St. Louis region. SPEx seeks the widest possible variety of participants. Publishers of zines, limited run art books, traditional books, journals of literature and/or art are all encouraged to apply, especially those with a unique format or target audience.

    Apply & get more info here.

  • The Great Agency Adventure Lands at @BoxingCleverSTL #TGAA

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    Steve Taylor is a copywriter with a mission: travel the states and work for 14 different agencies in 14 months. From now until June 27th, Steve will be in copywriting residency at local firm Boxing Clever, in which he opines on their work and ethos in his latest blog post.

    On why he's doing this:
    I’m hoping that by embarking on and documenting this experience, I will not only open my own eyes; but I'll go on to help new creatives as they graduate and enter the field. I want to assist the next generation by offering a new view of this industry as a whole. In the end, perhaps young creatives can make better-informed decisions on where they want to take their careers and where their unique qualities will fit right in.

    I'll admit it's about more than that though. It's about changing our perception of the industry. Not enough people realize just how collaborative and creative the ad community can be. Hell, there are even those in our own field, who still feel it best to operate their agencies as islands. I want to show that our future is one of connectivity and harmony, not alienation and isolation. So, let's work together and show the way forward.

    Follow along with Steve's Great Agency Adventure here.
    And if you run into Steve, be sure to show him why St. Louis will be the best stop on his tour.

  • Agency @CramerKrasselt Says They Fired Panera, Panera Disagrees

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    In a little Agency/Client hubbub that sprung up yesterday, national marketing agency Cramer-Krasselt claims to have resigned STL-based Panera as a client. In a leaked internal memo, the Chairman-CEO stated: “There comes a time when no matter what the acclaim for the work, no matter what that visibility, no matter how good of a relationship we have with the marketing department, no matter what the test scores and results that contributed to reversing falling comps before the campaign and that outpaced previous work and became great case histories — despite all that: the constant last-minute shifts in direction, the behind-the-scenes politics, the enormous level of subjectivity that disregards proof of performance — all churn people at a rate that becomes much too much even in this crazy business. The previous agency found that out as well. There is a pattern. And in the end, no amount of money makes it worthwhile. Fortunately, we have always been in a position to act in situations like these if we really, really have to.”

    “That said, Panera Bread is a wonderful brand. They truly deliver on their food sourcing and quality promise… We truly wish Panera Bread well. We will help them in any transition in any way we can. And many of us will continue to eat there. Because it’s that good. But enough is enough.”

    Panera shot back today saying:
    “We had a good relationship with the team [at Cramer-Krasselt]. And the work was good, but we were aspiring for great,” said Simon. “We told them we wanted to get more folks in the room and solicit new ideas from them…but incumbent agencies get reticent about bringing in new agencies.”

    It will be interesting to see how this little divorce ends up. If they really did fire them, it would be the second agency to do so; Mullen ended the relationship in 2012 for 'creative differences'.

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