• How Ink is Made

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    So this is pretty like much soft-core ink porn for all the designers out there.

    A Chief Ink Maker shows how colour and ink is created from the raw ingredients--powder, varnish, and passion. Everything designers and printers need to know about the process, the challenges and joy of ink making.


  • Field Notes Releases Arts & Sciences Edition Just in Time for Summer

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    The DDC and Coudal Partners have dropped the latest version of their fantastic Field Notes brand notebooks. The Summer 2014 special edition features a larger (perhaps the largest) Field Notes notebook to help you capture all the additional stuff you need to throughout the warm season. As always the book has a beautiful feel to it and incredibly well-researched inside panels that you can view here. Grab one of these limited editions while you still can.


  • "Donation" - A Short-Film by @BrutonStroube

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    Is there any local shop that produces passion projects at the same quality as this? We submit that there is not. "Donation" is their latest piece, a delightful comedic short with some genuinely funny dialogue from actors that have starring roles in big time TV series.

    Ah the things we do for love. In our latest short film, Beth learns that matters of the heart can get a little wonky when donating blood is involved. Starring Stacey Hinnen and Dana Powell from HBO's Veep and ABC's Modern Family.

    The outtakes are worth the additional 4 minutes as well.

    Directed by: Paul Emerson
    Written by: Paul Emerson & Dana Powell
    Starring: Dana Powell & Stacey Hinnen
    Stunt Double for Ms. Powell: Janelle Foszcz
    Director of Photography: Tim Wilson
    Produced by: Tony Biaggne
    Editor: Lucas Harger
    Production Audio: David Kerins
    Sound Design: Steve Horne
    Wardrobe: Marissa Blume
    Hair & Makeup: Priscilla Case

  • #ShitToHit TONIGHT: Flix in 6 Vine Film Fest & Award Show by @MomentumWW

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    Free admission and a drink for the first 100 attendees to the second annual Flix in 6 competition at the Duck Room in Blueberry Hill tonight. And like most STL creative events nowadays, there will be Strange Donuts on hand.

    The St. Louis office of Momentum Worldwide will stage and host the Flix in 6 film festival for the second year. This is an opportunity for people from the advertising and marketing community to submit fun, six-second videos via Vine. The winners will be announced and
    celebrated at an awards ceremony on Tuesday, June 24 from 7-11 p.m. at the Duck Room (located at Blueberry Hill in the Loop).

    Participants have seven categories to choose from, including:
    • Another Day in the Life
    • Fight Scene
    • Illusion
    • Animals Not Being Animals
    • NSFW
    • Animation
    • Strange (category sponsored by Strange Donuts)

    Here's the winners/best of from last year.

  • #LocalKick: First Ever Crowdsourced Beer Dispenser - @SynekSystem

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    Pretty clever idea to standardized the home-tap system that beer brands have been attempting for years. The best part is that you can fill up your home dispenser with any beer in the world. They may be taking a risk on the price ($299 backing level to receive a dispenser) but there's probably enough enthusiasts out there to make this happen. Maybe even in St. Louis alone. Oh and yes, this is a local kickstarter believe it or not.

    The video is no Dollar Shave Club, which you can tell is what it was inspired by, but it succeeds in explaining the product pretty straightforwardly.

    Fund it on Kickstarter.
    Check out their site.

  • Kegs With Legs #16: Claim @WorkatClaim

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    We're getting you ready for America's birthday the proper way, with an eagle screechin' keg party on the eve of the 4th. You all will most likely be in party mode anyways; looking forward to that extended weekend of BBQ's, fireworks and flag waving. So head on downtown and come check out one of the newest coworking spaces in STL on July 3rd. We pledge allegiance to Kegs With Legs and to the Republic for keg stands.

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  • Legendary Posters That Traveled the World - @Heineken

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    A set of unique posters that traveled the world, met extraordinary people and lived through amazing experiences. Each poster came back with its own story to tell, and was then exhibited and auctioned off. Love this idea of making the ads the hero of the campaign.

    View all the posters and how they were made here.


  • Now Hiring Locally: Content Strategist - CCA Global Partners

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    CCA Global Partners’ Franchise Division has an excellent opportunity in their St. Louis Office for a Content Strategist. This position leads content development from concept through production and delivery, and is responsible for assessing content opportunities and recommending content strategies that meet business goals and deliver excellent user experience.

    See the full details

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