• #SiteLaunch: @HLKAgency Redefines the Agency Website

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    It's been a minute since we've heard from the clean & clever creative team known as HLK (HughesLeahyKarlovic) but they're back with a brand new, redesigned website that we think sets a new standard for agency websites. It's completely stripped of any superfluous content or design and focuses squarely on the work and necessary agency information with style and grace. To say we're in love with this new site would be an understatement. It's not that we just like the design or think it's clever, we feel that it's the most relevant solution to how every agency should be addressing potential clientele, employees and the local community at large. We're aware that this is quite the grandiose statement - but we dare you to go ahead and tell us why you think we're wrong….

    The only misstep, which is kind of a big one, are the way-too-close ups of the HLK team smack dab on the home page. They definitely left us feeling a bit strange and creeped out. Zoom that sucker out or change up the imagery completely; we're not sure why agencies feel the need to put the people behind the agency front and center.

    Aside from that, every single screen of the website is engaging, light, informative and eye-catching. The grey border around the site is also something we haven't seen very much of that helps the eye to focus instead of bleeding to the edge as so many sites today are prone to do.

    We love the simple yet original navigation as well.

    Designed and developed completely in-house, the site has been in the making since mid-2013 as a new home to showcase our agency's creative culture. In an effort to infuse intimacy and authenticity, we partnered with the talented team at BrutonStroube to create unique video to be used throughout the site -- motion portraits on the home page and header videos for each section of the site and the navigation. We also put a renewed (and much deserved) focus on the work we do by deepening and customizing our case studies to emphasize the role of every discipline in the project lifespan. For an added glimpse into our every day, we created #hlktoday, a social aggregator pulling in snippets of agency life from our employees.

    We believe HLK is unique -- fiercely independent to our core with a unique collection of amazing people doing great work on a daily basis. With the new site, we're excited to highlight who we are and where we're headed.

    We could probably put up every screen of this website, but we'd rather just have you check it out for yourself and explore. Really great work HLK.

    View the site here.

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  • Replace All Banner Ads with Your Social Media Feeds

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    Here's a Chrome browser plug-in created by the Swedish Mail system that allows you to replace all banner ads with feeds coming from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Pretty clever idea to reinforce their mail forwarding service, but personally, we're trying to get further away from social media instead of having it update on every single site we visit.

    Download the extension here.

    Post Forward is an extension developed by the the swedish mail forwarding service, Adressändring. It enables you to replace banner ads with your social media feed. No matter where you are on the web, Post Forward brings your social media updates to you!


  • SXSW 2014 Trends - @Fleishman Produces Videos on Instagram, Bitcoin and More

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    FleishmanHillard went to SXSW this year to promote their social media command center. Using insights garnered while monitoring trends at SXSW, we did several quick-turn videos centered around trends. Shot and edited in less than 24 hours, this is the video we did on visual storytelling and how brands are using Instagram as a new way to reach their consumers. We talked to two "insta-famous" instagrammers about their work with brands and passion for storytelling.

    Check out some other videos they produced on a quick-turnaround covering such topics as Bitcoin and Wearable Technology.

  • Wes Anderson, Centered

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    To call it an obsession, would be putting it lightly.


  • Direct Sound @ExtrmHeadphones Branding, Website & Packaging - @Atomicdust

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    If truth be told, we could feature Atomicdust much more frequently on the Egotist as they have been on a roll of knocking out beautiful work since we can last remember. This time around is no different as they were tasked with creating the branding, website and packaging for Direct Sound Extreme Isolation Headphones. It's a clean execution with a close eye paid to the industry and musicians that represent the target demographic.

    The logo is somewhat unremarkable, which in this case is better than the alternative of standing out too much. It's carried by a comforting, clean tech-feel website that focuses on the product design and interaction. It feels almost too easy to want to click that "Add To Cart" button, which is exactly what the client is hoping for.

    The packaging also lends itself to minimalism but with a nice touch of utilizing standard brown cardboard with a design wrap on the outside.

    CD Mike Spakowski had this to say:
    "Atomicdust was hired to update the branding, website and packaging for Direct Sound’s Extreme Isolation headphones, which provide professional musicians with clear, accurate sound and total isolation to keep external noise out. We modernized the brand with a refined logo, clean typography and a new tagline, “Set yourself apart” – a phrase that’s about performing at your best, but also the literal separation the headphones provide from interruptions. The new color-coded packaging is designed to increase the products’ general consumer appeal."

    "Our web strategy placed a heavy focus on video, showing real people in motion in lieu of static product shots. We filmed musicians using the headphones in actual studio spaces and consumers using them on-the-go to demonstrate how the isolation technology works across products and audiences."

    Site Preview

    View the Direct Sound site here.
    Read more on the Atomicdust blog.

  • 14 New #STLJobs, 29 Total

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    14 new full-time, freelance and internship jobs posted in the past month, with 29 total on the list. Log in as a member to see the latest. Post your jobs here to tap into the best local talent.

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    [Internship] Marketing Intern - Red Brick Management, St. Louis

    [Full-Time] Account Supervisor - New Honor Society, Saint Louis

    [Internship] Summer Graphic Designer / Art Director Internship - Gorilla 76

    [Internship] Summer Content Writer / Copywriter Internship - Gorilla 76

    [Internship] Intern - 2e Creative, St. Louis, Missouri

    [Full-Time] Account Coordinator/Assistant Account Manager - Paradowski Creative

    [Full-Time] Producer - Fedele Studio, St. Louis

    [Full-Time] Web Developer- H&L Partners, Saint Louis

    [Full-Time] Creative Services Manager - Wee Ones, St. Louis, MO

    [Full-Time] Art Director - Kuhl Swaine, St. Louis, MO

    [*Full-Time*] Senior Editor - 90 Degrees West, St. Louis

    [*Full-Time*] Director of Interactive - GROUP360 Worldwide, St. Louis

    [Full-Time] Creative Director - Design - GROUP360 Worldwide, St. Louis

    [Full-Time] Front End Developer - Spoke Marketing, 3145 Locust St.

  • Battle of the Agency Bands Returns: #AdStock2014 Submissions Open - Presented by @AntidoteSTL

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    The Battle of the Agency Bands is back! Antidote is pleased to present ADSTOCK 2014 this June from the streets of downtown St. Louis. Exact date and ticket info to be announced soon, but why wait to start rehearsing? There are only a few spots available on the bill, so dust off those amps and get rockin’. Any and all genres are welcome!

    Those interested in performing should e-mail: michael@antidoteSTL.com

  • Terry Crews Returns to Old Spice, Nutty as Ever

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    Vocal cord burnout on this one.


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