• Now Hiring Locally: Account Coordinator/Assistant Account Manager - @ParaCreative

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    As an account coordinator/assistant account manager, you’ll be assisting the other account team members in managing the day-to-day activities on any given project. This would include putting together estimates, project timelines, creative briefs, keeping detailed records of projects and providing the client with meeting recaps and continued communication on the status of projects. Additionally, there may be other administrative duties needed like ordering lunches, data entry, filing and organizing meetings. Paradowski is looking for someone who is anxious to meet these minimum requirements, but also excited to reach above and beyond finding ways to add value at every turn.

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  • Cracking Millennial's Purchasing Behaviour - A Fielded Study by @Moosylvania

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    Here's a relevant study from Moosylvania showcasing relevant content and a sharp illustration sense that tackles how the highly-sought after millennial market purchases. If only all fielded studies came in a responsive website with a keen illustration sense, well we might actually start giving shits.

    This responsive marvel teases a Millennial study fielded by Moosylvania. Custom illustrations dance on and off the page as you scroll. Check it out and learn more about the most misunderstood generation!

    Click Here to check out the whole study.

    • Design and animation directors: Mikey Romano and Kirsten O'Loughlin
    • Developer: Bob Sherron
    • Copy Writer: Bonnie Lenzen
    • Research: Sarah Scully and Andrew Cohen
    • Project Managers: Hannah Price and Pate Schmid

  • Now Hiring Locally: Producer - @JohnFedele

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    Fedele Studio is growing fast and we’re in search of a badass producer ready to hit the ground running on a variety of projects spanning multiple cities in the US. We live and breathe the collaborative process of turning ideas into compelling visuals and are on the hunt for the next addition to our team.

    If this sounds like you, then we definitely need to chat...
    - 3-5 years experience as producer on still and/or motion productions.
    - Understanding of estimating, budgeting, logistics, and getting things done no matter the hurdle.
    - Comfortable on-set, in the office, and on the road managing projects of various sizes.

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  • #SiteLaunch: @AIGAstl Design Show 19 Site & Identity - @brandAlmanac

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    While submissions are closed for AIGA's Design Show 19, the interactive website will be will still be live and available for different types of submission. The website designed by Almanac (and currently up for an awwward) allows for submission of inspiration from Spotify, Instagram & Pinterest. What is typically just a static information site now becomes a hub for designers and creatives in the community to share all sorts of inspiration.

    For the theme of the show, which you may have noticed is incredibly banana-filled and full of yellow, Alamanac explored the number 19 as in-depth as possible. They came to the realization that the 19th element on the periodic table is Potassium.

    In humans, potassium is responsible for cell growth, nerve transmission and brain activity. It helps get you going! Potassium is just what designers need to help them overcome the limitless possibilities and inherent challenges in creating award-winning work.

    A bit of a stretch to adopting bananas as the theme... but then again, why not? They had some creative hopes of being able to mail out real bananas as an invitation for submissions to the show. Unfortunately, the end results were ripe with maladies when presented to the recipient. They've outlined this little experiment on their blog post.

    The end solution is much more inbox and postal carrier friendly. And yes, even smells like bananas: " In the end, we settled on a die-cut banana, flooded with banana scent, mailed out in a translucent envelope.

    Kathy Sprehe – website development
    Jay Fram – banana photography
    Liz Lewis of Advertiser’s Printing – printing and project management of the call for entries invitation
    Mimi Phelan of Shaughnessy Paper – invitation paper and envelopes
    Tod Perry of H & H Graphics – banana scent

  • Submissions for @AIGAStl Design Show 19 Due by 5 p.m. Today

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    This friday, instead of slacking off and getting nothing done, why don't you flip thru your best work over the past year and submit it to the AIGA St. Louis Design Show 19?
    And yes, it has to be today. No late submissions will be accepted.

    Click the image to submit.

  • New Editorial: Making Great Stuff is the Best Way to Meet Great People by @Marshal of @NeedWantInc >>

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    Here's a detailed and insightful read from Marshall Haas, the co-founder of Need/Want. His company recently made waves by moving away from the SF startup scene all the way to St. Louis to continue developing their products. In this latest editorial, Marshall talks about the pathway of producing tangible items that has led him to where he is today.

    It's a wonderfully transparent and inspirational read for anyone who is trying to create a product or business for themselves.

    "When you execute on ideas, you are forever associated with a tangible thing. People remember tangibles, not ideas."

    Read it here.

  • #SiteLaunch: @AntidoteSTL Celebrates 5 Years with New Logo, Site & Reel

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    Marking their fifth year in "brewing magical videos", Antidote announced a rebirth of their brand in changing up their logo, website and releasing a new reel. Five years is kind of the determiner of if you're really going to be a serious creative entity or if you're destined to wither away and die. We're proud to announce that Antidote has decided to establish themselves here and produce some very nice work that we admittedly have not delved into enough in the past.

    Right off the bat, the new logo is a vast improvement over the old one (which we can't find). The custom typography is a much sexier and on-target look for the type of work they execute and they've somehow managed to the make the normally tired color palette of orange and grey feel fresh again. The tear-drop-with-a-name-tag-in-the-circle-thing is still around, but hopefully the typography will rise upward and knock it out of the picture in the future.

    Co-founder Michael Francis shares his thoughts on the new mark:
    "The new logo maintains the recognizable drop which has been a part of our branding identity since we opened. We wanted to change the logo just for change sake, but we didn't want to lose any brand equity we might have built so we settled on a refresh. The new logo incorporates the drop, now anchored to a more casual and relaxed font style. We take what we do seriously, but sometimes our industry feels a little pretentious or too cool for it's own good. We didn't want that and we feel like the new logo is reflective of our attitude and approach."

    The website coincides with the renewed freshness of the logo and gets to the work straight away - which we're always big fans of. There's a somewhat confusing home page dashboard of different areas, but with only 4 pages on the site, it's not hard to get potential clients to the goods quickly.

    The website is a complete redesign including an updated show reel for 2014 along with the usual items of interest (company info., staff, work samples, etc), but presented in a much more user friendly format. The old website domain (thinkantidote.com) is gone, replaced by antidotestl.com. The new domain combines two of our greatest passions, our company and our city.

    Top it all off with a slightly long but clearly capable reel and you have a pretty perfect relaunch of a creative studio that we look forward to seeing more from (and showcasing) down the road. Congratulations Antidote!

  • Kegs With Legs #12 @TOKYbd Recap

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    In what was easily one of the top Kegs With Legs yet, TOKY brought the mardi gras madness to the creative masses last Thursday evening. Live music, good food, fortune telling and plenty of booze flowed freely thru the hallways of their midtown headquarters.

    If you weren't able to make it, take a look-see thru some of the mugshots from the night; there was heavy police presence on hand and just about everyone got booked and locked-in the drunk tank over night to dry out.

    See all of the photos on Facebook.

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