• Now Hiring: Content Marketer - @TheArlandGroup

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    The Arland Group is a creative agency looking for a smart content marketer to develop amazing words and ideas for our client-base of Fortune 500 companies and start-ups. Your job: Write short and long-form content for all platforms, including social media, blogs and websites. Our clients hire us to brand them, not to fill up their messages with keywords. Everyday, you will tell stories of why our clients are unique.

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  • New Chicago-Specific Ad Campaign Positions St. Louis as a Weekend Whore

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    We tweeted recently about how we haven't seen or heard of any current tourism campaigns for St. Louis (or Missouri) that are on par with Coloardo's recent campaign. Granted, we don't have the majestic mountains or outdoor sports enthusiast-draw that Denver & Colorado have, but we do have enough history, culture and contemporary attractions that can provide enthusiasm and attraction to our fair city as a "must-visit". Ideally, this should sound thru our state & city tourism campaigns and come-off authentic and passionate.

    This image of the arch partnered with the copy specifically leaves us befuddled

    Unfortunately, our questioning has been answered with another Chicago-targeted St. Louis tourism campaign called "Weekend Quickie". Why we're targeting just Chicago specifically stems from what must be a purely logistical/financial reasoning because, plainly, Chicago has the 3rd highest population in the country. And how should we appeal to this massive metropolis? By painting St. Louis as a whore that you visit for a weekend and leave without a second thought. Granted, we understand the wordplay and intentions behind the campaign, but there's no denying that the entire thing is attempting to be disgustingly trendy and feels downright shallow. The print ads (that will run on commuter trains) mix Cialis style couples with photos of city attractions and the most cringeworthy and nonsensical headlines possible.

    The website itself is a parody of Tinder, whereby attractions are presented to you and you either slide them to the left or right depending on how appealing you find them. First off, we can't imagine anyone in their right mind actually getting an account for this, much less communicating with what we're guessing are robotized, automatic messages.

    Is this really the image we want to be portraying, if even in a tongue-in-cheek sort of way? Trust us, we're the last ones to be offended by intentional controversy in marketing but only if it's clever or smart in some way; we will always be offended by dumb advertising that represents our city like this.

  • #ShitToHit TONIGHT: Kegs With Legs #16 Sponsored by 'Merica - @WorkatClaim

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    July 3rd get's a bad rap: it's not yet America's birthday and any early celebrating, whether with fireworks or firewater is looked upon with apprehension and mistrust. We're looking to change all that nonsense by starting a new tradition of Keg's With Legs on Independence Day Eve because the celebration of America's B-Day shouldn't be just one day along.
    Come downtown tonight and celebrate all things American with the Claim crew.

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  • BSSP rocks out aboard Greyhound.

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    Just in time for the summer movie season comes a totally unexpected cinematic preview: “Tour in Style,” a 60-second film for Greyhound and created by BSSP that tells a story about what happens when heavy metal rock band “MüttonGüt” finds its tour bus has been replaced with a new Greyhound bus complete with passengers.

    It's a pretty funny way to showcase some great features about the bus line that we certainly didn't know about.

  • Coming soon to your town - food trucks for dogs.

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    Ok, so the headline seems like we've jumped the food truck shark. But chill for a second. Last week, the San Francisco office of FCB West rolled out a Food Truck for dogs for the Milo's Kitchen brand dog treats. The Milo’s Kitchen Treat Truck rolled around delivering free treat samples, a family portrait booth and a lounge for dogs and owners to hang out in. After hitting the Bay Area, the doggie food truck is heading south to San Diego before cutting across the USA for a summer tour.

    You can follow the Milo's Kitchen Treat Truck here.

    Art Director: PEP Pepper
    Copywriter: Zac Maricondia
    Experiential Vendor: Inspira Marketing Group
    Creative Directors: Julie Scelzo
    Producer: Elle Flanders
    Account Management: Tracey Pattani + Rachel Gill + Wes Murphy

  • Budweiser's Epic Hype Film for Today's USA vs. Belgium Game

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    This is uh, really something.

    When you've made it this far and it's win or go home and the whole country's skipping out of work to cheer their brains out, there's only one other thing you need: AN EPIC HYPE FILM. Watch the new Budweiser World Cup 2014 commercial for the USA vs Belgium round of 16 match. Let's do this. Go USA.

  • #ShitToHit TONIGHT: Live in the Alley - A Creative Block Party by @TOKYbd

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    HTML tutorial

    Midtown Alley is home to some of the most creative companies in the city, and we're proud to be a part of it. All summer long, we'll be celebrating this awesome community by bringing our neighbors together for food, drinks, and music right here on Locust Street.

    Join us for the first Live in the Alley Creative Block Party on Friday, June 27. Starting at 4pm, we're shutting down Locust from Garrison to Cardinal. We'll have music from the Rhythm Section Road Show and food and drink will be available from Baileys' Restaurants.

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  • Cardinals Mural - @MaxTemescu

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    Wash. U. Communications Design student Max Max Temescu wanted to draw a mural that was "St. Louisy." His depiction of a cardinals player sliding into home amidst a cloud of dust and under the back drop of a cheering dugout (and the Arch) is pretty damn St. Louisy. Just goes to show, you can even find artwork on the side of a car wash in the suburbs. Good work Max.


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