• Recreating John Lennon's Poster

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    A short film following the recreation of the Pablo Fanque circus poster that inspired John Lennon to write 'Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite' for the Beatles album 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.' Using the traditional methods of wood engraving and letterpress printing, Peter Dean and his team of experts bring to life Lennon's poster. Awesome.


  • The Simpsons Real-Life Opening

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    How we haven't heard about this or seen this anywhere before is beyond us. It had to be done eventually. And it is amazing.

  • The St. Louis Agency Digital Marketing Shootout - @NogginDigital

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    Noggin Digital recently sent us an infographic highlighting the potency of some St. Louis Ad Agencies search rankings. We're aware that this is an obvious attempt to direct some new business Noggin's way, but we figured that if someone went to the trouble of pouring thru this information and interpreting it in a weird western-gunslinger vibe, why not shine a little light on it?

    Details of the St. Louis Digital Marketing Shootout

  • $167 Billion-Dollar Coca-Cola Will Pay You $5,000 for Your T-Shirt Design... if it Wins.

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    Coca-Cola, has teamed up with design platform BlankYou Very Much to allow their logo and assets to be used in a design competition. Along with "bragging rights," the winning designer will receive... wait for it... $5,000 — and their design will be incorporated into a limited-edition T-shirt. All others receive nothing and Coke owns all designs after they're submitted.


  • #ShitToHit TONIGHT: @AlexisOhanian, Co-Founder of Reddit, Speaking at T-REx Downtown #Internet2012

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    Alexis Ohanian and the Internet 2012 Bus Tour are making a stop in St. Louis tonight to voice their displeasure over the SOPA & PIPA bills while promoting the concept of Open Internet, or an internet not regulated by the government.

    From the IndieGoGo Campaign:

    On January 18, 2012, tens of millions of Americans defeated SOPA and PIPA two bills that threatened the Internet, one of the healthiest parts of the American economy.

    And now we’re making sure our government understands just how important the Internet is to all Americans. This October we’re taking a bus (literally half red, half blue) from Denver, CO to Danville, KY to campaign for the Internet during the Presidential and Vice Presidential debates.

    The Internet 2012 bus will collect, document and share stories throughout the American heartland, because this isn’t just about Silicon Valley. It’s about parents taking Skillshare classes on blogging in Boulder, TED meetups in Omaha, Kentucky folk festivals that get funded on Kickstarter, artists in Missouri who can sell to the world on Etsy and retirees who can make some extra money renting out a room on Airbnb. Thanks to the Open Internet, people are learning marketable skills that are turning them from unemployed to gainfully employed.

    RSVP via Meetup.
    The event starts at 7pm and is free.

  • The Tweet is On… Again. #12in12 Tweets - @STLTweets & @Infuz

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    STL Tweets is jumping on the twitter monitoring a little bit earlier this year in hopes of a second, back-to-back World Series win for the hometown heroes. Last year, they compiled the season activity in an infographic titled 'The Tweet is On'.

    Check out 12in12.net to see all the buzz about the playoffs and use #12in12 if you want to be a part of the action.

  • Here Come the Facebook Parody Ads

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    Don't release an ad on a Friday, it will just give people more reason to churn out these parody ads even quicker.

  • Now Hiring Locally: Copywriter - @BanyanConnects

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    We are seeking an experienced copywriter for our St. Louis office whose creative talents are well suited to the development of a wide range of media products – from digital media to social media; from web copy to motion graphics and video scripts. We are looking for someone who has a strong creative spark, but who also values being a part of a team of other award-winning creative artists.

    Our perfect candidate will play an integral role in our creative team, providing guidance in all product development - from concept to delivery. Experience working with traditional ad/copy teams, script writing for both industrial and broadcast projects, and familiarity with some instructional design theories is ideal.

    See the full details

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