• Now Hiring: Freelance Editors & Motion Graphic Designers - @90DegreesWest

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    90 Degrees West is hiring: Freelance Editors & Motion Graphics Designers. Please Note: You must become a member to see jobs posted within the last three days.

  • A New Call to Artists: @Trailnet Comes Correct

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    As we reported on Tuesday, Trailnet was promoting a call for creatives that simply was a raw deal to any of the artists who would've unwittingly signed up for such a show. We made the facts & figures of our discontent known and (much more importantly) the community did as well thru the comments on the article and on twitter.

    You can imagine our delight yesterday afternoon as we waded thru another dreary work day - followed by the beginning of the longest rain delay know to man - to receive a golden nugget in our email box alerting us that Trailnet had changed their tune (though as of right now, the former Call is still up on the site):

    We're delighted with this for a few reasons; first, that this site has helped foster a change in how an organization views creatives and our work. And secondly, that it's helped continue to educate similar organizations and the community at large that it's not okay to treat creatives like hungry college seniors willing to whore themselves out for a shitty deal. (We're looking at you, agencies offering unpaid internships)

    Any reform of a bad practice spells victory in our eyes and makes the daily stresses of running the Egotist all the more worth it. The real credit goes to the individual that made us aware of the issue initially and everyone who stood up and voiced their displeasure.

    As you know, we're down to champion creative's rights in any situation. If you see a shitty deal, cleverly disguised competition or any other evidences of crowd-sourcing going on in St. Louis, let us know.

  • Soybeans Made Sexy by @90DegreesWest for @Osborn_Barr

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    We're curious as to what the actual final videos look like, but you can't deny the appeal of these 2D, lightly-textured, chipotle-inspired graphics for the United Soy Bean Board… whatever the hell that is.


    They just posted a finished piece and it is decidedly less sexier when you substitute banjo shufflin' for techno music. We also hope this isn't related to Monsanto in some way; that would kinda kill the whole vibe going on here.

  • Now Hiring Locally: Creative Developer - @HLKAgency

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    As a creative front end developer, your primary focus will be building and implementing high-quality user interfaces. While a high quality user experience and pixel precision remain top priorities, you will also be responsible for contributing to projects on a creative level and working closely with a team of art directors to create quality digital products. We emphasize not only the ability to accurately replicate a pre-determined design from a photoshop comp, but also the ability to enhance those designs with creative interactions and improvements.

    See the full details

    Please Note: You must become a member to see jobs posted within the last three days.
    *Note to Agencies: The 'find a job' link is the most clicked-on area of our site by readers.*

  • Five Things You Should Never Say to a Client

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    We try to steer clear of posting anything that begins with "# Things…", but this one is fairly good advice to anyone dealing with clients on the regular. Although, now that we think about it, we can think of a whole lotta things that you should probably never say to a client.


  • 3 Major Re-Brands: Who Should've Changed vs. Who Should've Stayed the Same

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    Three major rebrands have been rolled out over the last couple weeks, including ebay, Arby's and Wendy's. What do you think of the work? Who should have stayed with what they had and who made the right choice?

    Images courtesy of Brand New

  • Time-Lapse of Human Experience: Natural Phenomenon - @ReidGower

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    This sure makes us feel lucky to be alive and experiencing our amazing world today.

    Humans are part of the natural order. We're risen apes that acquired language and learned to use tools. Skyscrapers and spacecraft may seem unnatural, but they're just as much a part of the natural order as beaver dams and bird nests. Boring electrical lines hint at the energy solution of a mammalian species. Open your eyes to the world you've grown accustomed to, and rejoice in the fact that you can participate in the human project.

  • Poster Exhibit & Sale: Call for Creatives - @Trailnet

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    Trailnet, the organization who is leading the fight against the overwhelming tendency of us midwestern folk to keep adding notches in our bible belt, have recently announced a call for creatives in their first poster exhibit & sale.

    A poster show for a non-profit isn't necessarily a new thing, but this one is skirting closely to the popularity already attached to the beloved ArtCrank in terms of subject matter.

    We're also left scratching our heads a little bit and wondering if this is another case of designploitation; getting hungry creatives to take it in the butt for helping an institution get some free press and $$$:

    - Trailnet will own the rights to the work's reproduction.
    - They keep the posters after the show? (not 100% clear on this one).
    - Giving designers 50% of the sales unless there's postage, then that comes out of the artist's cut.
    - You have to pay to go to the ALA Awards Celebration (which is a poster show too?) But you'll get $10 off the ticket because you're an artist and basically will be making a $450 financial contribution to trailnet if every single poster sells.
    - It's doubtful every poster will sell at the show because there will be 30 artists with 20-40 posters each at an event that will draw "almost 200 people".

    — — — — —

    What do you think? Are we being too critical on a positive organization or is this another case of creatives getting the shaft?

    Read the Announcement.
    Share your thoughts in the comments.

    Thanks for the submission, concerned creative citizen.

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