• Google Chrome JAM Allows You to Play Music with Your Friends Online

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    Google just launched a fairly cool new digital product Jam that allows users to play and create music together in a Google + like hangout on Google Chrome. To market it, Google Creative Labs got a bit of help from some silly illustrated animals.

    "Jam" Chrome - Google Creative Labs

    The idea is definitely a good one (can you imagine real time music production by artists in places all over the world?) but we had issues switching to Pro Mode with keyboard latency on getting the instrument hits to trigger. Obviously this isn't meant for professional production purposes, but the Chrome development team seems to always be pushing the envelope and we get to reap the incredibly creative results.

  • Minimalist NFL Logos by @Mattmc

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    p>Designer Matt McInerney thinks the NFL's teams need a rebrand. So, he's intermittently designing and posting a new minimalist NFL logo for each team. What do you think, is he advancing the cause? Things certainly feel more consistent, but these little icons don't necessarily do much to portray what a full rollout could look like.

    We're calling this series of logo explorations... a tie.

  • Local @WUSTL Students Make Website For Rejecting Creeps at the Bar

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    Here's a handy tool for the ladies out there (and the lucky few fellas that get their number requested); an update to the giving of a fake number when someone asks for it at the bar, party, concert, etc. But instead of beleaguering the local library, VD Clinic, or the owner of any random number you have to spew out, now you can give them a TextReject.com phone number.

    From the STLBJ Article:

    Philip Thomas and Andrew Hess, engineering students at Washington University, created the website TextReject.com to offer people an alternative to handing out a fake phone number.

    Hess and Thomas created the website after witnessing one of their friends giving away a cell phone number to a stranger while in line at Steak 'n' Shake near campus. They wanted to create an extra layer of defense against unwanted suitors, so they set out planning and programming a website, which one week later turned into Text Reject. The service is currently available in five cities.

    It appears the service is in high demand. In fact, when TextReject.com went live on Oct. 19, it experienced thousands of views and over 250 text messages in its first few hours. In the first 18 days, the website has received 1,232 text messages, 116 phone calls, published 150 conversations and reported close to 6,500 pageviews, Thomas said.

    While it's not exactly the local startup news that gets the attention of a nation, it's still a pretty funny idea that may catch on. Here's a few examples of real rejections. (They update in real time).

  • Hurricane Sandy Relief Shirts

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    New York artist, Sebastian Errazuriz, and art space, Grey Area ,collaborated on these relief t-shirts to raise money for those affected by Hurricane Sandy. The two shirt designs take well known NY imagery, specifically the famous NY subway map by Massimo Vignelli and the iconic I Heart New York slogan by Milton Glaser, and add a dye line to represent the level of flood waters that certain areas of New York encountered during the storm.

    The shirts can be ordered from the Grey Area shop, and all proceeds will benefit relief efforts.


  • Local Music Video Spotlight: "The Other Side" Cover by @WashUAmateurs Co-Ed A Capella Group

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    We can't say that we keep up with many local (or international) acapella groups. But here's a video from the Washington University Amateurs Co-Ed Acapella Group that is quite the doozy. This is quite an intense concept and production quality for an undergrad organization. We're really speechless in a way; this is a college acapella group that's singing a cover song and this video clearly took quite a bit of effort to make.

    Which all goes to say, if you're passionate about something, take a lesson from these kids and do it right.

    Directed by Ben Jendras
    Recording and Sound Engineering by Ben Lieberman
    Wardrobe Design by Jennifer Sharkley

    Thanks for the submission @JazzyLoyal

  • Switch Helping Victims of Hurricane Sandy with #STLforSandy - Donate TODAY or Tomorrow

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    Get the word out FAST - Switch is collecting much needed donations for the survivors of Hurricane Sandy in two 53 ft. trucks that they will drive to New Jersey tomorrow afternoon. There has been some incredible devastation on the east coast the past two weeks and it's much worse than anyone anticipated; imagine the effects of Joplin compounded with flood and over a much larger area. Let's do our part as St. Louisans to make sure these trucks are filled to the absolute brim with supplies and materials.

    You'll be able to stop by after work in Kirkwood, Downtown or ANY St. Louis City Firehouse to donate physical goods. They've also made it easy to donate to American Red Cross if you feel the need to help but have no way to make a drop-off.

    James Campbell - ACD at Switch said:"We have employees, family and friends in and around New York City who have been displaced and uprooted by Sandy. So, as an experiential marketing company, we figured it was our duty to put some of our logistical knowledge to work to support those that support us."

    And Andrew Mullins, Brand Manager at Switch hits the nail on the head: "This isn't our thing. It's a STL thing. We just made some phone calls. It's your donations that actually make an impact."

    Check out the STL for Sandy site, see what types of good they need and donate TODAY.

  • Does Your Career in Advertising Pass the Overnight Test? A Short Lesson in Perspective

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    Linds ReddingLinds Redding

    This story has been picking up more and more steam since AdWeek covered it a couple of days ago. They noticed the story from our sister site The San Francisco Egotist.

    British born adman, Linds Redding is dying. He was diagnosed with inoperable esophageal cancer late last year. Impending death tends to put a new perspective on your life and career. With this realization, Linds, a much-awarded copywriter, pens what is most likely his finest piece ever.

    It's not easy reading; his key question is, 'does your career in advertising pass the 'overnight test'? Sadly, for all his success, he doesn't think so. We would urge you to read it in full and share it. Clients need to see this. They need to see what this industry means to us. They need A Short Lesson In Perspective. And so, probably, do you.

    Read it here

    And you can read his blog here. If anything can renew your focus on your life and career, this is it. Sad to say, the flow of content could stop at any minute.

    Thanks for your 'leave-behind', Linds. All the best.

  • Ugly Client Comments Made Pretty

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    Ireland's creative community have got together to release a lot of pent up anger and sadness through the medium of the A3 poster, all in aid of Temple Street Children's Hospital. Ad creatives, designers, animators, directors, illustrators and more have taken time out to dress up their favourite worst feedback from clients, transforming quotes that would normally give you a twitch, into a diverse collection of posters. Enjoy.

    Be sure to check out the full gallery of comments for a good laugh or cry.

    A Few Gems


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