• The Art of Animation & Motion Graphics - @PBSOffBook

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    Yet another great installment in the Off Book Series by PBS Digital Studios.

  • #ShitToHit Tonight: @Rebus_STL Happy Hour at Nick's Pub

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    There's a ton of shit happening tonight and we're doing our best to let you know about it. REBUS, the network of young advertising colleagues sponsored by AdClub is having a happy hour at Nick's Pub tonight. So, if Midtown Alley is too far of a haul for you southron princes, then saunter into the dimly lit drinking establishment to network with some other young & hungry creatives.

    RSVP on Facebook.

    This video also has our unofficial award for the funniest thing to be made by a local creative outlet in the past four days. Scroll down the news feed to view the losing team.

  • Bones Brigade - New Skateboard Documentary from Vans

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    Vans is releasing a new documentary about the teenage outcast skaters of the 1980s, Bones Brigade: An Autobiography. To hype the release, they're inviting users to post Bones Brigade memories on Instagram with the hashtag #BonesBrigade for a chance to be included in the DVD artwork for the new film. They're also giving away a free download of the classic The Search for Animal Chin in exchange for your email address. Come get it.


  • #ShitToHit Tomorrow: @Atomicdust's Midtown Alley BBQ + Competition

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    From their blog:
    Over the summer, we've been enjoying quite a few Friday barbecues in our back alley, and issuing challenges on HappyMedium's Facebook Page, so we thought it was about time we lived up to our word and invited our neighbors (and other marketing and design friends) over for a friendly BBQ competition.

    Seven agencies are participating for the title, Best in BBQ, which will be decided by a very respectable panel of judges:

    - Three-time James Beard Foundation Nominee and Chef/Owner of Niche Restaurant, Gerard Craft
    - Executive Director of Food Outreach, Greg Lukeman
    - Executive Chef of Bogart’s Smokehouse, Skip Steele

    Challengers include: Switch, Scorch, Toky, Marketplace, HappyMedium, Spot Creative and Atomicdust. (We're expecting big things from Marketplace since this is their forté).

    We'll have plenty of BBQ (including vegetarian options for you non-meat eaters!), beverages and even bluegrass music, thanks to Charlie Haller and the Bates Street Band. All we ask is that you consider bringing a donation for our friends at Food Outreach St. Louis.

    Although they might saaaay it's friendly, you can expect some serious competition when a trophy of this caliber will be going home with the winner:

  • Flaming Lips Bingo Cards for @LouFestSTL by @DanZettwoch for @RiverfrontTimes

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    The Flaming Lips are all about interactive shows, and what better way to make it interactive than to play Flaming Lips Bingo? Print 'em out, laminate 'em and give your grandmothers yet one more reason to come party with you.

    Download the bingo cards in .pdf.

    View the whole set after the jump.

  • How to Kill a Pitch - @MercuryLabs & @AdSaint

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    From their blog:
    "AdSaint’s short film about life inside an agency – “How to Kill a Pitch” – premiered last night at the production studio of Mercury Labs (AdSaint is produced and directed by Mercury Labs). You could say we killed it. Agency people came from around town to to the premiere, and we got a lot of laughs at the satirical look at a pitch meeting. The next step is to turn this idea into a full fledged comedy series."

    "Big changes have happened over the years in the St. Louis advertising industry, and we tend to get lost in the national conversation. This isn’t anything new, but we figured what better place to show the new face of agency life than here in our humble and brilliant city? And it just so happens that we at AdSaint are also the filmmakers behind Mercury Labs, and we have one of the only RED cameras in town along with the talent and passion to direct narrative short films."

    "We also have a lot of creativity in town (yeah, that’s you). And are slowly building a community of talented people that could collaborate on a larger scale to do things like attract more national brands to work with St. Louis agencies. (That is one of the Big Hairy Audacious Goals of AdSaint, after all.) We’d like to get there one of the ways we know best, by telling good stories through filmmaking. And before you know it, we’ll be producing a comedic web series that gets national attention."

    We give up.

  • Awesome or Awful: A Self-Critiquing Tool for Young Creatives

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    Created by the hearts and hands of Publicis Kaplan Thaler's Erin Eby and Neisha Tweed, Awesome Or Awful is a self-critique tool for young creatives to help look at your work differently and help you save recruiters and creative directors some stress. Use it to vet your ideas/campaigns to see whether they'll lead you to Cannes or Walmart. For more great advice for students and juniors, check out Baby Food for Creatives.


  • New Meme Prediction: Frozen Al Roker

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    But seriously, what the hell is going on here? We predict that we'll be seeing reddit posts about this in 5…4…3…2…


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