• The Best Party of The Year Recap - @CoolfireMedia's Halloween X

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    If you weren't able to come out to Coolfire's Halloween party three weeks ago then you simply missed out on the best agency party of the year. We can't sugarcoat it - you just completely failed.

    What started as just Coolfire Media inviting agency clients to celebrate the most fun holiday of the year has now turned into an annual frenzy of finding tickets, preparing elaborate costumes and a hilarious amount of murmuring/wondering who the guest performer will be that year. It has totally eclipsed the tag of a singular agency (or production company) party and become something more. Or as David Johnson, President of Coolfire, told us: "This party has grown way beyond a CFM party. It's definitely an industry party and we are totally cool with that. STL needs more of it."

    We couldn't agree more.

    Check out their Facebook page for even more photos.

  • The Donky Bike

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    Cargo load is carried on the frame, not the handlebars, so the steering and handling remain light and balanced. Nice idea, for sale now.

  • #Movember PSA for In-Between Moustaches by Nick Offerman

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    Your mo will get fuller friends. Trust Nick.
    So go ahead and push that play button to support the in-between mustaches you currently see all around you and fall in love with whoever wrote the script for this short little video.

  • New Shoppable YouTube Video from @JuicyCouture

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    Sharp new YouTube tech that allows you to put links to external sites within videos and ads — shopping the products right from the video. This opens up some serious possibilities to tie video to instant, emotionally-driven, need-it-now purchase. Does it get your wheels turning too?

    Check out the Ad Age Article that goes into greater explanation.


  • Digital Annual Report for @CovenantHouseMO by @BrandAlmanac

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    Here's a fresh take on the dreaded annual report by one of our favorite local studios, Almanac. The site they produced for Covenant House Missouri is perfectly lighthearted in execution and content display, utilizing a series of patterns, bright colors and engaging portraiture to make the user experience concise and to the point. They've also been able to work in a less than stellar non-fpo logo with a campaign tag to make it cohesive with the rest of the site - not easy.

    "When Covenant House Missouri came to Almanac for help with their 2011 Annual Report, we wanted to create something dynamic, engaging and memorable for them. Covenant House empowers homeless, runaway and at-risk youth to live independently and become contributing members of our community. Through their outreach, crisis and transitional living programs they change the lives of these vulnerable young people forever.

    While they had asked us for help with a traditional print Annual Report, we took one look at their great stories, programs and results, and knew we needed to somehow draw people in to their cause in a new way. They were immediately on board with our suggestion of an interactive annual report that would live within their current website. The wide-open parameters of going digital allowed us to bring visitors into the lives of the kids and volunteers touched by The Cov in a whole new way.

    Want to see your work featured?
    Submit it.

  • Now Hiring Locally: Lead Web Developer - @Gorilla76

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    Gorilla 76 is looking to immediately hire a full-stack web developer to take the lead on all technical considerations, both internally and for clients. This position requires full understanding of the entire web-development process, from proposals and planning through execution and support.

    Our lead developer must be comfortable communicating directly with clients, both in-person and via phone or email. The position comes with lots of responsibility, and lots of freedom to learn and implement new technologies.

    See the full details

    Please Note: You must become a member to see jobs posted within the last three days.
    *Note to Agencies: The 'find a job' link is the most clicked-on area of our site by readers.*

  • Google Chrome JAM Allows You to Play Music with Your Friends Online

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    Google just launched a fairly cool new digital product Jam that allows users to play and create music together in a Google + like hangout on Google Chrome. To market it, Google Creative Labs got a bit of help from some silly illustrated animals.

    "Jam" Chrome - Google Creative Labs

    The idea is definitely a good one (can you imagine real time music production by artists in places all over the world?) but we had issues switching to Pro Mode with keyboard latency on getting the instrument hits to trigger. Obviously this isn't meant for professional production purposes, but the Chrome development team seems to always be pushing the envelope and we get to reap the incredibly creative results.

  • Minimalist NFL Logos by @Mattmc

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    p>Designer Matt McInerney thinks the NFL's teams need a rebrand. So, he's intermittently designing and posting a new minimalist NFL logo for each team. What do you think, is he advancing the cause? Things certainly feel more consistent, but these little icons don't necessarily do much to portray what a full rollout could look like.

    We're calling this series of logo explorations... a tie.

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