• Good Ideas Are Coming in Fast on @RallySTL

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    Since giving an overview to the Rally STL platform over two weeks ago, we have to say that we're pretty impressed with the conceptual depth and potential for social and visible change change that these ideas promote. Many of the ideas are not location-specific to St. Louis but rather an upgrade or suggestion that would help the city feel more cohesive and contemporary. Granted, there are some stinkers, but the Rally crew has figured out a nice way to curate with community votes and featuring their favorites.

    We were skeptical at the outset of this project, but it looks like the community is stepping up and presenting some interesting possibilities that would otherwise maybe never see the light of day. Keep it coming Rally, we're excited to see what the follow-thru may be on some of these ideas.

    Check out the ideas.

  • New Social Sharing Buttons

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    You may or may not have noticed the new buttons under posts that make social sharing of stuff you like on the site easier. We've also added these buttons to each member profile page — so you can go Like and tweet about your profile on the site (or those of friends or agencies you admire) to your heart's content. You'll also find these buttons on each job posting page, so it's easier as a company to socially talk about any active hiring you're doing.

    Thanks for sharing. We appreciate it.

  • Foldify

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    Draw, create, print and fold beautiful 3D figures with Foldify. Enter your email on the site to be notified when it's available in the App Store. Love things like this that marry digital and print.


  • Where Are All the Hip Hop Christmas Albums?

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    We're now hoping that DMX will put out a 4 album series of Christmas Classics a lá Sufjan Stevens.

  • Pixels of Fury Competition Recap

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    Last week, a gaggle of young and talented designers descended upon Jacquin Studio to match their wits and pixel pushing skills against each other in, supposedly, 20 minute rounds for concept and design, which we find crazy.

    Each contestant has a mere 20 minutes to develop their design on a given theme from a blank digital canvas. Shutterstock Instant provides images and inspiration, but the rest is all down to quick thinking and an equally quick hand. In the end, it was Atomicdust designer Jason Stoff who landed on top, claiming the coveted Furious Pixel trophy…

    The overarching them was "Design for Good" with sub-themes in each round.
    Here's a survey of all the posters from the night:

    And the winning poster from the final round by Jason Stoff from Atomicdust:

    Read the Shutterstock blog for a full recap.

  • Style Guides From Around the World

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    Here's a fantastic selection of style guides from 61 major companies all over the world. This collection has been lovely compiled by the good folks over at Logo Design Love.

    See the whole list here.

  • 'Inspired' by Canon for Project Imagination

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    We're loving everything about this spot that encourages the crazy ones in seeking out that perfect shot. While it's focused on selling the latest consumer-grade SLR, it's also a part of a larger campaign called Project Imagination helmed by Ron Howard.

  • Saluting the End of #Movember with the National Beard and Moustache Championships

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    These are some seriously hirsute gentlemen, impressively mustachioed.


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