• Introducing @ModNoteBook - A Paper Notebook that Syncs to the Cloud

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    We've recently noticed an increasing amount of local startup companies that are producing tangible, creative products (greetabl and Side Project Skateboards come to mind). We think of this as a very positive step in the right direction to continue the small business buzz that St. Louis has built in conjunction with the startup tech-hub PR as of late. In connection with all of this, recently localized umbrella company Need/Want has launched their latest product that calls St. Louis home, Mod Notebooks.

    In one of their beautifully transparent blog posts, they outline the process of creating Mod and how they initially used Kickstarter to develop awareness/funding. They realized shortly thereafter that they wanted to take the product back to the drawing board after receiving feedback and comments:

    "The pre-cursor to Mod was a Kickstarter campaign that we cancelled in late November. If you’re curious why, you can read about that here."

    "The feedback we received about the project was invaluable. In just 10 days, thousands of people saw the pitch video. 269 people backed the project. We received hundreds of emails from customers giving us feedback and ideas."

    "Our Kickstarter campaign was our minimum viable product.
    It was clear people wanted it. Now we just had to make it."

    Now, instead of keeping your original notebook, they send it back to you after digitizing. Within 5 days, all of your pages have been scanned and uploaded to dropbox, evernote and more. They also have built their own fairly sexy app that lets you peruse your newly digitized notebook.

    Read more about the process of creating Mod Notebooks here.
    Order your Mod Notebook here.

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  • *Network* Now Hiring: Copywriter - Paradowski @Paracreative

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    Paradowski is looking for a copywriter. You can be senior or junior or whatever. But please have demonstrable experience as a really good writer and storyteller. Don’t be the kind of copywriting candidate with tons of misspellings in his or her resume. Don’t be boring. Also, don’t be a great big giant asshat. I guess we’re looking for someone who can walk that fine line between being a person you want to punch because they have better ideas than yours, and being a person you want to punch because they just think they have better ideas than yours. It’s tricky.

    See the full details

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  • Now Hiring Locally: Creative Director - @SmartyHadAParty

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    Smarty Had A Party is seeking an experienced creative director to work in concert with executive management to develop the company’s visual brand and oversee the execution of the brand across all customer-facing materials/platforms. The ideal candidate will have extensive experience in branding and design, management experience in a supervisory role, and an impressive portfolio that exemplifies leadership in developing the visual representation of a brand.

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  • Take a 360° Panorama Tour of Ballpark Village @BPVSTL

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    If you're the unlucky ones stuck in your dry, warm office today instead of braving the cold, wet rains with Cardinal Nation – sit back and take a moment to check out the new Ballpark Village virtually whilst listening to the game on the radio or TV. There's been a lot of press regarding BPV over the past few months and we're not sure if we're a fan or not. Regardless, this virtual tour gives you quite the perspective of what it's like to actually step inside.

    Take the tour


  • #STL Music Video Spotlight: "Till Morning Breaks" by @BrianOwensTV - Directed by Ben Kaplan

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    When we decided to start focusing on locally produced videos of music artists from St. Louis, we just knew that there would be some hidden gem that we'd uncover. Something so good and well done that we'd be upset at ourselves for not hearing of it previously. Today is the day that inkling comes true.

    Brian Owens, a soul-singer with a voice that absolutely demands you pay attention, makes a showing in this clever, well-choreographed video directed by Ben Kaplan of Act3 and I Heart Buffets. The song is a slow-burning soul journey of an ode to Brian's wife with vocals that give any classic soul singer a run for their money.

    Ben Kaplan said:
    "My unofficial motto when it comes to film is, “cause as many problems as you solve.” It speaks to the unpredictable and often chaotic nature of the medium. Cameras, actors, extras, props, locations are all variables that add complexity to a project. But that motto also peaks to the unrealistic search for perfection in the medium. Sometimes, you can never quite exactly manifest the image you have in your head. Too many things to control. But, sometimes it turns out better than you could have ever imagined. This is one of those stories."

    Brian had a great idea, “I want to show what it is like to have an affair with my wife,” he said. I nodded and stroked my beard— as I am want to do when thinking intently on an idea. I loved it, but how do we show that exactly?

    The end product is a great example of how community comes together to support authentic art. From Brian’s beautiful song to Amanda’s quick change behind a scrim at 4 months pregnant to the ENTIRE family— kids included—pitching in to Scott Smith and the entire Big Club Hall team constructing sets and shopping for just the right slinky little dress to the crew of enthusiastic “stage hands” who participated knowing full well that their roles would involve eight hours of choreographed manual labor, this piece came to life only because of ALL of those involved. Everyone had a sense of ownership over the piece and it was very clear from the level of enthusiasm throughout the day.

    Read the entire piece on Brian Owen's blog here.

    Behind the Scenes Videos

    Brian Owens performs Friday, April 18th at the Sheldon Concert Hall as Ray Charles in an ongoing Masters Series. Bad ass.

    Thanks to Scott Gericke for the heads up.

  • #LocalKick: Finally Publish "What the Hell is St. Louis Thinking?" @WTHSTL

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    Back in August of last year, typewriter stations perched upon splatter-painted boxes were making their way around St. Louis in an attempt to capture the random thoughts of citizens from all walks of life. It started off simply and then expanded to include more diverse areas of the city. Now, they're ready to publish the collection but unfortunately, they've had no luck with local publishers.

    Currently, they are at $2,500 with a goal of $6,400 and 16 days left.

    From the RFT article:
    "The submissions from the project are loud as hell," Goldkamp posts on Reddit. "They are shrill, strange cries of virtue and pain. They are blunt advisors on how to live your life. They are baptized in beer. They are one thousand steeples peering down at you making you consider death on a beautiful spring day. They are inspiring and they are heartbreaking."

    Fund it on Kickstarter.

  • Now Hiring: Design Intern - @SpokeMarketing

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    Spoke Marketing is hiring: Design Intern.
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  • Kegs With Legs #13 @NewHonorSociety Recap

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    If you didn't make it out last Thursday for Kegs With Legs, you missed one of the best turnouts so far… as well as the chance to take home a carved vegetable in a jar. We found out last minute that the talent from the new SYFY show "Carvers" were going to be showcasing their unique talent set at the event. Here's a little background on how that came to be:

    "Scott Jenkins, who works at New Honor Society (NHS), is life long friends with the shows talent and brought the idea to the storytellers at NHS. The idea was cultivated and
    Coolfire brought the show to life. The backstory is a real StL marketing collaboration and is giving birth to the new New Honor Society."

    Take a look at the pics and if you haven't made it to a Kegs With Legs yet, do the right thing and clear your last Thursday evening for April.

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