• Mark Halski of @HalskiStudio is Making a Documentary About @El_Monstero

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    For anyone who's ever been to an El Monstero show, this film is an obvious next step. And you gotta admit, it's a pretty interesting one as we can't recall many documentaries focused on a glorified tribute/cover band. Check out the beautiful looking trailer below as well as an in-depth interview on the project over at STLMag.com

    Excerpt from the interview:
    "This will be a rock documentary about El Monstero, there will be plenty of concert and performance to be sure, but that is not all there will be. As a viewer, you will get to see and hear a lot of things you don’t get to see as a fan at their shows. Interview content, behind the scenes material, these kinds of things will be a significant portion of the film. This stuff is a blast, and the fans are really going to dig it."

    "We feel that what El Monstero is doing is not unlike a modern day version of the oral tradition. They are taking these incredible songs and powerful ideas and stories from 30 or more years ago, and retelling them with genuine faith in the material, but not before putting a touch of their own identity into them. The result is a lot more than what you would get from a typical cover band. It really is a powerful and oftentimes moving experience and we are lucky to have them."

  • It's #NationalDonutDay: You Can Send @StrangeDonuts Inside a @Greetabl & Go to a Donut Party

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    For one day only (today), you can physically mail a Strange Donut hole to anyone in the United States in and it will arrive in a Greetabl gift card box with a custom message. The future has finally arrived folks. And it is yummy.

    Order your box of donut here.

    As if that's not enough, Strange Donuts is throwing a party tonight at Kuva Coffee Factory in Maplewood. That's right… a donut party. It's time to go nuts for donuts.

    Get your tickets here.

  • Now Hiring: Writer/Content Creator Intern - @BrandAlmanac

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    Almanac is hiring: Writer/Content Creator Intern.
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  • Integrity Acquires Infuz

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    Just the facts, ma'am:

    St. Louis-based web consulting firm Integrity has agreed to acquire Infuz, a St. Louis-based digital marketing agency. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

    Infuz was founded in 2000 as a digital marketing agency and has worked with a variety of clients including Purina Tidy Cats, Charter Business, Energizer and S.C. Johnson. All accounts will transition to Integrity.

    The agency (Integrity) will maintain its headquarters in the historic Tivoli Theatre in the Loop.

    “We are committed to expanding our position as a leading user experience agency” said Ed Morrissey, partner and Chief Creative Officer of Integrity. “We’re happy to expand the Integrity team by bringing in more awesome, St. Louis talent.”

    Read more here.
    Yesterday's abrupt news/tweet regarding RealTime STL going on an "indefinite hiatus" now makes sense.

  • Now Hiring Locally: Art Director - Paradowski @Paracreative

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    Paradowski is looking for an art director. It doesn't matter how long you've been doing this, or how many big name clients you've worked for. All we care about is the quality of your ideas and how well you can visually communicate them. That's it.

    You should hate, hate, hate boring. The last thing this world needs is another boring anything.

    Oh, and you can't be an ass. Or an egomaniac.

    You should be amazing at Photoshop. Not proficient, good or even great — amazing. Same goes for Illustrator and InDesign. Actually, strike that. You should be amazing at finding and using whatever tools you need to make your ideas sing. One of those tools should be a pencil. That's right, you should be able to draw. Not well shaded graphite renderings of your girlfriend's upper lip. You should be able to draw concepts. You should be able to make complicated stuff look simple and wring out every possible creative iteration a brand's essence has to offer — and then
    do it again tomorrow.

    You should love design and love to design. It should show in your work.

    It sounds like a tall order, but we're not looking for just an art director we're looking for craftspeople. People who understand that a big part of success is thinking big, then rolling up your sleeves and getting dirty. And by "dirt" we mean: graphite, ink or even blood from a mean callous that split on your pointer finger from overusing a stylus or mouse.

    See the full details

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  • Jack White Unleashes Blistering New Video & Song, "Lazaretto"

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    If this is any indication of how the rest of the album is going to be, then we're gearing up for a modern day classic. Hot fucking track right here, not to mention a completely stunning B&W video that suits the song perfectly. Yep, we're fans.

  • Now Hiring: Freelance Proofreader - @RiverfrontTimes

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    Riverfront Times is hiring: Proofreader.
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  • Jim McKelvey, Co-Founder of @Square, Prepares @Mizzou Students for the Real World in His Commencement Speech

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    He may not be the Steve Jobs of commencement speeches, but it's not half bad. Students of all ages can stand to listen to a little inspiration from a local guy done good on this hump day afternoon.


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