• Painting With Fireworks

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    It's definitely an interesting technique. Let's hope he doesn't burn down his own studio.
    The artist translates rough burn marks and leftover trails from smoke bombs into mesmerizing pieces that viewers would never believe were born from roadside explosives.


  • "Dumb in the Sun" Music Video by @Anthony_Gaddis

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    We've take a bit of a detour here with our typical Local Music Video spotlight to show the work of a local director with californian band Run Things in their new music video for "Dumb in the Sun".

    Here's the director on the making of the video:
    "Over a series of late-night talks with band-member (and creative director) Gregory Shadwick, we outlined the concept: There would be a car; a quintessentially Californian setting (to start off), a body to transport the girl through the dream, glass, reflections, and smoke & mirrors. We made a treatment that was green-lit by their label, White Iris, and production began."

    After a few days driving around L.A. capturing palm-lined boulevards, sun & surf, I returned home to St. Louis for principal production. We first secured the gifted NY photographer Andrew Cutraro as D.P., and (after watching many a Rainer Fassbinder film) I found model Carolyn Roseberry, who was the exact vision of what we wanted. Motionless but deeply expressive. Empathetic and cold at the same time.

    "We shot it indoors over three days at Cummings Studio in downtown St. Louis.
    StL native Jonathan Lutjens did the compositing and 3-D effects. We found that multiple exposures gave us a surreal look that made the dream tactile— and the bird’s-eye 3-D scenes became the most surprising contribution."

    "Finally, Lewis Pesacov (Best Coast, Fidlar, Fool's Gold), L.A. based producer/composer signed on to do sound-design for the epilogue and prologue.
    He brilliantly repurposed elements from the track to create the foreboding sonic mood of the intro, and quasi-planetarium muzak of the outré."

    Visit his tumblr page for some lovely behind the scenes shots and process of the captivating and otherworldly video.

  • #ShitToHit TONIGHT: Kegs With Legs #15 - @MarketPlaceSTL

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    We told Mother Nature to take a hike tonight because, you know, it's Kegs With Legs dammit. Get ready for some beer, some noshings, some karaoke, and of course… Little Ping Pong. Whatever the hell that is.

    So welcome yet again to your best reason for working late. Alright, let's do this damn thing.

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  • Donut Doubles: @BrutonStroube x @StrangeDonuts for Marlin Network

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    In typical Bruton style, we saw this project on Sploid/Gizmodo before we saw it anywhere local and we guessed they just don't need the local Egotist gazette to get the public's awareness anymore *sniff*… But we hit them up anyways and they were able to offer some insight and sketches - which we always love seeing - for the Donut Doubles photography & video that is currently sweeping the inter webs.

    Photographer Brandon Voges had this to share about the project:
    "It’s that time of year again where we get to work with one of our favorite agencies, The Marlin Network, to put together a fun teaser/invite for a breakfast event they put on every year"

    "It was a fun project brought to us by a fun client and got to work with Strange Donuts, which is always a bonus. Strange was down to help out with some product and consulted on some of the donut details. We’re actually doing large prints of all these with their logo in the middle for them to use in store, which will be cool to see."

    "Marlin came to us with the concept, and we kicked around some ideas with them. The funniest part was trying to cast for the fritter. We found Tina and had to tell her what we were planning on doing, and she said, 'Oh hell, alright'. She was a riot and did a great job. That one was definitely my favorite."

    "We shot in studio and just tried to take time to come up with little details between the two that made them connect. Some sketches with the casting shots are below where you can see how some of the concepts changed as we started shooting."

    View them all after the jump

  • Farewell Massimo Vignelli

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    Design legend, Massimo Vignelli, died yesterday. He was 83. Vignelli was an acclaimed designer perhaps best known for his iconic work de-mystifying the New York subway system. His wonderful work spread across almost every facet of the design field from book design to home interiors. Massimo was known for his passionate views on clarity and coherence in design and spent his career fostering those principles in those around him.

    Massimo had battled a lengthy illness that he succumbed to on May 27. Vignelli touched the hearts and minds of generations of graphic designers and will continue to do so for years to come.

    Read this Fast.co Design article to understand his influence a bit further.


  • Apple Continues Beautifully with the 'Verse' Campaign for iPad

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    Apple continues along with the theme of 'What Will Your Verse Be?' by showing the "verses" of two unique human beings: a deaf travel writer and a composer. Beautiful work that once again focuses on the abilities & passion their technology can help ignite - showing us the iPad can be more than Candy Crush & Netflix in bed.


  • Now Hiring: Freelance Photography Assignment - @Colossal

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    Colossal is hiring: Freelance Photography Assignment.
    Please Note: You must become a member to see jobs posted within the last three days.

  • What Inspires Creativity?

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    21 leading figures in art, fashion, film, design, technology and music share their thoughts on what inspires them and their work.

    The film is an insider's perspective on inspiration from the minds of leading creative personalities including:
    Diana Picasso, Academy Award winner Hans Zimmer, Inez van Lamsweerde, Vinoodh Matadin, Academy Award nominee James Franco, Joan Smalls, Johan Lindeberg, Jonas Mekas, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Nico Muhly, Karen Elson, Karim Rashid, Klaus Biesenbach, Academy Award nominee Lee Daniels, Lola Montes Schnabel, Marilyn Minter, Mark Romanek, Tracey Emin, Moby, Paul Schrader, and TED founder Richard Saul Wurman.

    Through the authentic interpretation and responses from these individuals, the overall project communicates what inspires creative thinking and behaviors for nurturing inspiration, while provoking thoughts on how culture, society, and technology continue to affect creativity.

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