• The Exploration of Instafame - @SylvainLabs

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    This interesting documentary looks at the life of Shawn Megira, a teenager from Long Island who has 81K Instagram followers. What do you do with that much fame? What are the ramifications of instant success and social media? What the effects staggering popularity can have on a 15 year old? These are some of the areas this short 12 minute film answer. The short piece was created by Sylvian Labs with the help of Greencard Pictures.


  • The 2014 Marketing Awards Won't Judge You for Being a Giant A-hole

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    They pretty much nailed most ad people we know.
    Agency: lg2, Quebec.


  • Second-A-Day Video Concept Used by @SavetheChildren to Great Effect

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    Very powerful piece employing a bit of relativity in order to show what would happen over the course of a year if war hit the UK. It's not that difficult to translate the idea over to the US and it's all in the name of raising awareness for children in Syria (and elsewhere) who are currently experiencing every day like this.

    Find out more here.

  • Kegs With Legs #12 @TOKYbd Recap

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    In what was easily one of the top Kegs With Legs yet, TOKY brought the mardi gras madness to the creative masses last Thursday evening. Live music, good food, fortune telling and plenty of booze flowed freely thru the hallways of their midtown headquarters.

    If you weren't able to make it, take a look-see thru some of the mugshots from the night; there was heavy police presence on hand and just about everyone got booked and locked-in the drunk tank over night to dry out.

    See all of the photos on Facebook.

  • SUMP: Spotlight Series Captures SUMP Motorcycle in all it's Gritty Glory - @OnceFilms

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    Here's the next spotlight in what is turning into a truly beautiful series of St. Louis' expert craftsmakers. This one features the colorful Mike Henneberry of SUMP Motorcycles who shares space with the coffee shop of the same name.

    Once Filmmakers Greg Kiger and Chris Ryan chose Mike Henneberry as the subject of their third film because they believe he is a good example of a person “who does what they know and loves what they do.”

    “He’s a motorcycle craftsman,” says Greg Kiger. “Behind his gruff exterior, lies integrity and a heart of gold. He is the embodiment of a South St. Louis working-class hero.”

    The Spotlight Series, by Once Films, was created solely at spotlighting artisans in the St. Louis Community. The Spotlight Series celebrates independent business owners whose purpose is rooted in a passion for honing their craft and unique craftsmanship. For more information on The St. Louis Spotlight Series, and to view the series in its entirety, click here.

  • Now Hiring Locally: Web Developer - @HandLPartners

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    H&L Partners, a leading advertising agency in the St. Louis Area is looking for a full-time associate-level web developer with 3 to 5 years experience. This position is team-oriented position within the agency digital marketing department. This department creates digital applications for agency clients such as McDonald's, Touchstone Energy, Phillips Furniture, Missouri Division of Tourism, and St. Louis CVC.

    See the full details

    Please Note: You must become a member to see jobs posted within the last three days.
    *Note to Agencies: The 'find a job' link is the most clicked-on area of our site by readers.*

  • #ShitToHit: Ken Barber @TypeLettering Hand-Lettering Workshops & Lecture - @AIGASTL

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    The University of Missouri — St. Louis AIGA Student Group and AIGA St. Louis are proud to invite Ken Barber, a type designer and letterer at House Industries, to UMSL for a Friday night lecture and weekend workshops. Ken will seek to educate the St. Louis community on the art of hand-lettering. The weekend will start with a general public lecture at UMSL Grand Center, 7:00 pm on Friday night followed by (2) one day hand-lettering workshops from 9:00am until 4:00pm in the UMSL Fine Arts Building. Saturday’s theme will consist of basic hand-lettering while Sunday’s theme will focus on more advanced script lettering. These workshops will provide participants with a basic overview of hand-lettering while referencing an assortment of letter styles and various techniques. An informative slide presentation, instructional demonstration and useful skill-building exercises will provide practical foundation for increased typographic and drawing skills.

    Ken said, “Everything I’ve ever learned about lettering and type was from someone who was generous enough to share their knowledge in a book, classroom, lecture or workshop. I suppose I feel that teaching is my attempt to repay that debt”.

    More information on the event here.
    Register here.
    *FYI Student registrations are sold out.*

    The lecture is free to attend and open to the public.
    March 7, 7:00 pm
    UMSL Grand Center, 3651 Olive Street St Louis, MO 63108

  • #STL Music Video Spotlight: "Unrehearsed 2" feat. Briana Pickens & Phil Hsu - @KuumbaTV

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    We're going to start finishing out each week (once again) with a locally produced music video of a local band or act. It's important to us to keep in touch with what's going on in the local music world and we'll do our best to find only the absolute cream of the crop pieces, musically and visually.

    This week we have a beautiful and talented improvisational video from Kuumba TV. We'll talk more about Kuumba next week but for now, enjoy this video.

    “Unrehearsed” is Kuumba’s collaborations series that features a dancer and musician–whose styles and instruments aren’t traditionally complimentary–improvising together. The project is essentially about instinct, impulse, and inspiration between strangers. The two artists meet on location and are then asked to perform together on the spot.

    For our second episode, we had electric violinist and Washington University senior Phil Hsu improvise a backing track for dancer and fellow senior Briana Pickens.

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