• Now Hiring: Freelance Photographer/Videographer - @CortonaSTL

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    Cortona at Forest Park is hiring: Freelance Photographer & Videographer.
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  • And the Lucky Winners of Our 3k Follower Giveaway Are…

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    Last week (or was it the week before? we don't know anymore they are all a giant never-ending blur of folly and failure) we made a push to have our twitter followers ascend over the 3,000 mark by getting some awesome local companies to give away free stuff on our behalf. As we've mentioned in the past, if we're not able to get the community free things, whether it be goods, products or alcohol, then what's the point of running this site in the first place?

    Luckily, we were able to entice three of our favorite local companies to offer some of their goods in exchange for making two of our twitter followers very happy. We decided to look inside our own dark souls for the answer of what the prize should be and decided on the following devilish offering: Six Schlafly Beers, Six Strange Donuts and Six greetabl folding gift card boxes.*

    We're pleased to announce that Justin Lebb @JustinLebb was our three-thousandth twitter follower and, through a top-secret government funded twitter randomizer, Alexandra Ogle @ABogle3 was our random follower who were bestowed with the honor of receiving the very special Schlafly+Strange+Greetabl gift pack.

    You all know what donuts and beer look like, but here's a picture of the STL themed greetabl gift packet that the winners will receive:

    On a serious note, we're very happy to have reached this goal and to continue offering our quasi-journalistic content on all things creativity, advertising, design, marketing, production, and random ass news pertaining to this wonderful city of ours. We thank you, the community, for supporting us and submitting your beautiful work for all the city and world to see. Here's to more years and followers as we continue to bring you the latest and greatest as much as is humanly possible for us to do while all having real lives, jobs and bosses to put up with.

    Next milestone… FIVE THOUSAND FOLLOWERS.

    And of course:
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    Follow Schlafly
    Follow greetabl
    Follow Strange Donuts

    * We only recommended that they give you six of everything. So, Justin & Alexandra, if they give you more or less of said products, just walk away happy in the fact that you at least won something.

  • Now Hiring Locally: Project Manager - The Kerry Group

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    Provides hands-on management of the overall process (development through execution) for client events and activations including but not limited to mobile programs, street activations, large-scale events and trade/exhibit projects. Includes design and fabrication, logistics and planning, production scheduling, and budget creation and management for the overall project.

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  • #ShitToHit TONIGHT: Pixels of Fury at the @TheNineNetwork - @AIGASTL

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    We are inviting all members, families, friends, and the design community to come and party with us as we enjoy good food, awesome drinks, great music and free swag for all attendees. All attendees will also have a chance to win the cocktail napkin doodle contest. We encourage all attendees to doodle on their napkins and tweet there drawing using @shutterstock @aigastl and #pixelsoffury.

    Presented by Shutterstock, Pixels of Fury is a traveling competition that pits designers against one another in a high-speed challenge, cheered on by a live audience. With judges and crowd watching, the pressure is on to create the most compelling work before the clock runs out.

    RSVP on Facebook

    Tickets are only available at the door.
    Free for Student AIGA Members
    $5.00 for Student Non-Members
    $10.00 for AIGA Members
    $20.00 for Non-Members

    Here's a video recap of Minneapolis' event last year:

  • Introducing @ModNoteBook - A Paper Notebook that Syncs to the Cloud

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    We've recently noticed an increasing amount of local startup companies that are producing tangible, creative products (greetabl and Side Project Skateboards come to mind). We think of this as a very positive step in the right direction to continue the small business buzz that St. Louis has built in conjunction with the startup tech-hub PR as of late. In connection with all of this, recently localized umbrella company Need/Want has launched their latest product that calls St. Louis home, Mod Notebooks.

    In one of their beautifully transparent blog posts, they outline the process of creating Mod and how they initially used Kickstarter to develop awareness/funding. They realized shortly thereafter that they wanted to take the product back to the drawing board after receiving feedback and comments:

    "The pre-cursor to Mod was a Kickstarter campaign that we cancelled in late November. If you’re curious why, you can read about that here."

    "The feedback we received about the project was invaluable. In just 10 days, thousands of people saw the pitch video. 269 people backed the project. We received hundreds of emails from customers giving us feedback and ideas."

    "Our Kickstarter campaign was our minimum viable product.
    It was clear people wanted it. Now we just had to make it."

    Now, instead of keeping your original notebook, they send it back to you after digitizing. Within 5 days, all of your pages have been scanned and uploaded to dropbox, evernote and more. They also have built their own fairly sexy app that lets you peruse your newly digitized notebook.

    Read more about the process of creating Mod Notebooks here.
    Order your Mod Notebook here.

    — — —

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  • *Network* Now Hiring: Copywriter - Paradowski @Paracreative

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    Paradowski is looking for a copywriter. You can be senior or junior or whatever. But please have demonstrable experience as a really good writer and storyteller. Don’t be the kind of copywriting candidate with tons of misspellings in his or her resume. Don’t be boring. Also, don’t be a great big giant asshat. I guess we’re looking for someone who can walk that fine line between being a person you want to punch because they have better ideas than yours, and being a person you want to punch because they just think they have better ideas than yours. It’s tricky.

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  • Now Hiring Locally: Creative Director - @SmartyHadAParty

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    Smarty Had A Party is seeking an experienced creative director to work in concert with executive management to develop the company’s visual brand and oversee the execution of the brand across all customer-facing materials/platforms. The ideal candidate will have extensive experience in branding and design, management experience in a supervisory role, and an impressive portfolio that exemplifies leadership in developing the visual representation of a brand.

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  • Take a 360° Panorama Tour of Ballpark Village @BPVSTL

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    If you're the unlucky ones stuck in your dry, warm office today instead of braving the cold, wet rains with Cardinal Nation – sit back and take a moment to check out the new Ballpark Village virtually whilst listening to the game on the radio or TV. There's been a lot of press regarding BPV over the past few months and we're not sure if we're a fan or not. Regardless, this virtual tour gives you quite the perspective of what it's like to actually step inside.

    Take the tour


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